Wellcome back home of your pain

The sky was a light orange, the clouds barly even there it was a good day for flying. Now only if it wasn't to a place Alexis hated, but she made a deal. She was waiting out by the plain waiting for her passanger to aravie.  Just a minute before 7am the time she told him to be there or it was off he got there. The boy's hair was very short and spiky, the color was a sand kind of color even in the orange light, he was trying to catch his breath. It was short and hollow he hopped into the plain. "Just made it, lucky" Alexis smiled as she put on her goggles and faced the glowing south sky. "Um what should I can you? after all I have to thank you right?" he asked this just as they took of "foxy just fine" Alexis said with no emotion what so ever. She was trying not to turn it around and fail, after all we all have to face our fears at some point right? this was her's after what happened at that house, in that family, in that room. Alex's mind went back to the life she left there. Did anyone even notice? did they miss her? it took her back to what happened in that house. Did anyone ever know? would her dad find her? because the last thing that'll happen is they make her go back. "what your name?" just after they hit the 2 hour mark in the ride she broke the silence and she could feel his smile warm up the sky without even looking back. "Nick"

The End

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