Fly'n for fox's

Alexis has always been different, not because of her fathers position in the royal family nor her mother who is the only women doctor inside the kingdom but because she was born with orange fox ears and a fox tail. She has always been the source of other children's jokes, so when she finally gets out of the mansion she went as far away as she possibility could. Now alex lives in a small down just outside the kingdom, but 1 day a young man asks for her help and she has to return to the place she

A loud drown came from above, it was a plain with chipped grey paint. there was also a freshly painted black skull on both sides of the plain. It began to lower. When it hit the ground even hoe softly it hit the driver with her brown leather goggles over her eyes jumped out of the seat for just a second or two. Once to a complet stop the driver hopped out like it was a horse. One leg out first and the other followed, using one hand to hold herself up as she jumped out, the girl lifted her goggles and shook her head  as if she was a dog after a bath. Her orange hair covered her lightly pail face for a minute then she removed it to see a scruffy face just a little to close to her's. The face had a huge yellow smile, coming from one ear to the other. The orange haired girl looked at the expression of the face and narrowed her also orange eye's. "what the hell are you so happy about?" the face moved back his eyes shut and he began to speak with his Scottish accent "well, I got a job for ya Foxy" he took a deep breath in "a flying job" Foxy's mouth hung open for a minute before she asked about the job. They where sitting down in the kitchen across the field from where the plain had landed, both of them sipping on warm tea. From the color it could have been a lemon tea or maybe a poke tea it could be hard to tell if you hadn't made the tea yourself. "Well where am i flying too? And with who?" Foxy's questions sounded calm but the man sitting across from her could tell she was happy as could be. Again with a huge yellow smile he answered the question. "You'd be flying to the center of the kingdom. To be more pacific to the mansion's courtyard. He was to shy to ask you himself so I offered to tell you the great news" He stopped there. Foxy's eye's looking down at the table as if she was  in deep thought about something, her  eye's began to tear up but she stopped herself, then a grin formed "Of course I'll do it but if he isn't here at 7 am to morrow morning it's off got it?" he nodded on agreement. The man left after their cup of tea, just as he was about to leave he turned to Foxy. "Hey Alex, be nice to him he's a bit sensitive alright?" Alex or foxy (I guess) took her four fingers and saluted to him "eye eye sir' it was dark as a black hole when he left. With in only a few  seconds the man disappeared from sight. Alex walked back into her small wooden shake. It took Alex a long time to fall asleep that night. Probably because of the stuff that was on her mind at the moment, "what if it's just a trap to get me back? what if I'm just giving them what they want? oh well then, I'll give them what they want they wont like it though" When she woke up the sun was just peeking out from over the field, it must be around 5:30 or maybe 6 am. That gave her a hour. An hour to get ready to anything that may come. To get ready to go back,

The End

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