The Ferrel Twins

"So, have you seen any of the other sick twisted experaments?" Irell asked.

"Yes I have, lady, and they aren't pretty." the mouse replied. "I was being chased by a few. I was lucky I got away, though my brothers...not so much. Let's just say I don't have any bodies to burie."

Irell looked down at the mouse and judged it's size. He wasn't full-grown and easily fit into the palm of her hand. His pelt was white and his eyes were blue. Anything could just take and swallow you up... she thought.

"Locky shot that you got away." she stated. "By the way, what's your name? I don't want to have to refer to you as 'mouse' anymore than you calling me 'lady'."

"Just call me Ronden." he replide. "That doctor tried to re-name me as Liden or something weird, but he failed in taking my memories unlike everyone else. I know what I used to be."

"I'm Irell." the young lady responded. "The old man claimed he had to wipe my memories after suffering from an explosion."

"That's the lie he's telling everybody. Don't believe it, or you'll fall into his trap. You're memories aren't really stolen, they're just locked away, and they key is to not forget who you really are. And the first step is not believing his lie." Ronden said. The small mouse climbed up Irell's arm to sit upon her shoulder. "He has something inportant he's holding from you. From everyone he experaments on."

This made Irell stop. "If he can't really steal my memories, then what is he holding back?"

"The files of your history." Ronden stated, then continued to explain; "Where you were born, your family, your life's history. Even if you can bring your memories back from the current amnesiac state you're in, some things will be locked away forever. And it's always the most vital information, the thing you want to know most; what could make you so important to him that he stole you and experamented on you and not the next guy or girl in line?" Irell looked down at the floor and narrowed her eyes at the thought of this. "Why would he bother to erase your memories if you were just an experament or a pawn of war to him?"

"...You know, I would like to know the answers to those..." Irell whispered. "Which means I can't afford to kill the old man as soon as I would like to..."

Ronden was about to say something else when two shrill high pitched laughes echoed down the hall. He turned quickly, then shrieked "RUN!! IT'S THE FERREL TWINS!!!!"

The End

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