Alliance Begins

Irell slid off the bed and sat infront of the glass wall in a cross-leged pretzel position. She was going to sit there, all still and lifeless like a statue, until someone or something passed by. If he plans on using his "experaments" for pawns, then they have to have some common knowlage, meaning they have to be some sort of mutated human like me.

Irell's thoughts went through all the possibilities of what the others could be. Definately not half machine, since that old man said I was the first. A shiver went down her spine at the thought of what the "first" really meant. The first to live through his twisted mechanical experament...? Would he have succeeded in putting animal genes into a person? The thought of a half dog half human being crawling past her window made Irell inch back.

The young lady sat thinking through the rest of her ideas on what Doctor Venditti could have done to other innocent people. She sat for hours, still as a statue and watching the hallway, and didn't even look at the pathetic food that slid in.

Finally, after about five hours, there was movement from down the hall. Excitement rose within Irell, this could be the start of a glorious escape!!! She was wrong, it was only a mouse...

"A rodent?!" she shouted, shocking the little thing as it sniffed the ground. "He has rodents in this place?! Dsgusting!! I would think he kept this place clean atleast!!"

"Hey, not everyone can be as lucky as you to get the chance to be a half metal monster!" the mouse replide, standing up on its hind legs and crossing its arms.

Irell narrowed her eyes as she looked at the mouse. She was hillucinating, that rodent couldn't really talk! Yet there it was, arms crossed and nose stuck up and away from being insulted. "How can a rodent talk?"

"A rodent can talk if their mind had been transplanted from their human body into this! Trust me lady, it's not as pleasant for me, either. And you can blame that Doctor...Doctor Vandeta or whatever that old man's name is!!" the rodent said in its squeeky voice.

"So you used to be human? And he made you become that?" Irell asked.

"Exactly what it looks like, lady." the rodent replied. "And if I ever got the chance...!"

A smile crossed Irell's face. "I think I can help you with that." She than put two of her fingers up, at first seperated then together. "If you get my drift?"

"If you don't mind rodents too much, I think I do." the mouse said, uncrossing his arms and walking closer to the glass wall. "But why would you want a mouse to be part of, you know? Don't get me wrong, but I can't do much as a small insignificant rodent."

"You're small and can fit into small places, you can hide." Irell said. "Think you could find a way to get the glass wall removed?"

"Is that a question?" the mouse replide, going over to the side of the wall. Whatever the small rodent did, it worked, because within mintues the glass wall was sliding up to release Irell.

The young lady walked out and kneeled down to put her hand out, letting the mouse climb onto it. Irell stood, saying quietly to the mouse "You can also gather info without being noticed. You'll be perfect. Welcome to the alliance."

The End

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