Restless Night

The food had arrived just like Irell's bed had, but through a sliding door on the wall insted of the floor. She had checked underneath the mattress to see if she could open up a hidden door, but she had no such luck. Sighing, Irell went over to the food and slid the tray it was on over to the bed where she sat.

She poked the thick chicken leg with her left pinky, debating whether she should eat it or not. The old man could have cooked it in poisen... she thought, eyeing the crispy skin. Irell then shrugged, deciding she would rather die than serve that 'doctor' as a pawn of war. She took the chicken leg in hand and took a bite, chewing slowly.

Dry...very dry... She picked up the small water bottle next to that and opened it, taking a sip. Ew...this tastes old...what did the old man do, preserve bottled water from when he was born?!

She sighed and dumped some of the water onto her mechanical arm, wondering if it would short out the technology. Bummer, it doesn't work.

Kicking the tray away carelesyl, Irell layed back on the mattress and stared up at the ceiling. Moments later, the lights went out, giving her the eerie feeling that she was being watched. Not surprising, he knew about the crack I made in the glass.

"Creepy old man!" she said to the air.

Through the night, Irell tossed and turned, unable to fall asleep. She kept on having images of Doctor Venditti controlling all of these weird, turned humans by colors like hers. Once she even dreamed that he had cornered her with them, and forced her to wear the color which turned her arm and leg into machines.

When Irell woke up the next day, she tried without success to rip the color off her neck. Unlike the wall, no matter how many times she tried, nothing budged and no mark was made.

She would have to find a way out of this, but was stumped on how to do that until she remembered something. Every one of Doctor Venditti's "experiments" were being let out starting that day. That means that there were others with a stable mind like her that longed to get out.

So that's where Irell would start, by making friends that could help her get out.

The End

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