The Old Man's Plan

For the rest of the day, Irell attempted to find out all of the little perks her new mechanical limbs were hiding. She found that along with being able to transform into a blaster, her arm was able to turn into a large axe as well.

"I think I'll take his head off with this..." Irell muttered to herself while examining the sharp edge. Which officially makes this one my faveorite.

Her leg couldn't transform into anything she attempted to transform it into, so as far as she knew, it was useless unless she wanted to kick a man between the legs. Which I would enjoy to do to that to him too, but who knows where else that old man is made of metal..

And lastly, which was discovered by accident, were the wings that fluttered open. The feathers were thin metal, and the were as flaxable as bird's. When discovering this, she thought of herself as an angel. I will be an angel, an angel of revenge...

Later on in the day, or as Irell pressumed was the day time, Doctor Venditti came to pay a visit. "So, how is my little project?" he asked.

"My name is Irell and I wish you would call me that insted of 'my little project'." Irell stated. She had decided to take a break and had been sitting in a corner opposite the glass wall. "Seeing as you refuse to let me go, I figure it's the least you could do, old man."

"As said before, you are nothing but a weapon, my little project. And please call me Doctor Venditti, as 'old man' is not formal or polite." Doctor Venditti said.

"Neither is 'my little project', old man. Did I mention that it was also creepy?" Irell shot back.

Ignoring the young lady's response, Doctor Venditti went on to say "My little project, this will be the last time in a while that you will see your savior's face-"

"You aren't my God, old man, so don't assume the role." Irell stated.

"-for this floor of the building has been filled with my other projects whom will be let out of their rooms. They have been here and awake longer than you, so they know how to control their powers, but you will remain in your room for the remaining week." explained Doctor Venditti. His hand went to press a button on the side of the glass wall, and the table went down into the floor and a mattress rose in its place.

"So you have others imprisoned in here as well?!" Irell said, not too surprised but angry that the old man would be as cruel to experament on others as well.

"Yes, and it's precosionary. Sometimes experaments don't...turn out as well as others. Sometimes they die, and othertimes they have glitches or flaws. Like insanity, or blood lust, while others can't defend themselves." Doctor Venditti said.

Irell glared at him, thinking So this is a survival of the fittist, huh? You insane old man, you plan to watch as your 'little projects' rip each other apart...

"Your dinner will arive shortly." said Doctor Venditti. "Oh, and when you are released, please do try and stay alive. But I know that you won't have a problem with that, seeing as you had actually did the impossible and put that little crack into the glass."

Irell stared daggers as the old man walked away.

The End

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