Coming UpWith A Plan

An hour had passed by where she had been kneeling, leaning her head on the glass with her fists pressed against it when she finighly sighed, opened her eyes and stood up. Irell was going to find a way out, an escape.

I'm also going to find a way to kill you, old man... she thought, pacing around the table that was supposed to be a bed. Irell stopped to lean against the wall, crossing her arms to glare at the glass wall less than ten feet away from her. But I wonder...what ELSE have you kept imprisoned in here, claiming it only a weapon to be locked away...? As far as she knew, there could be another person here with out a memory, having been transformed for the beniffit of the old man.

I could use that to my advantage, but how would I know there were others hidden here? I could be the first...or the others could be dead...

Uncrossing her arms, Irell walked back over to the glass wall and laied her organic left hand on the glass. Using her mechanical eye, she scanned the glass, judging its thickness. You only said it was bullet never said anything about machine proof!

Irell pulled back her mechanical right arm, and flung it full force at the glass wall. She snarled in frustration when no mark was made, and automaticaly did it again. She kept punching, harder and faster, her organic eye narrowing in frustration.

"Come on!!" she yelled. "BUDGE!!" When her last punch didn't work, she yelled in frustration. Her arm pulled back again, but this time not with the objective to dammage the wall but to hit something to get her anger out. This time, though, as her arm swung it changed into the blaster Doctor Venditti was talking about. As it made contact with the glass wall, a little crack was made that was invisible to the naked human eye.

Looking at the glass wall, Irell noticed this tiny little flaw with her mechanical eye. She smiled with success, looking down at the blaster that was her arm. It changed back into her hand seconds later, and she clutched it, coming up with a plan.

The End

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