"Who are you?" Irell asked.

"I am a scientist, a docter, a gift to mankind." the old man replide. "But my name is of no real importance. You will call me Doctor Venditti."

Irell looked down at her right mechanical arm then around the room and asked "Why am I still being kept in here?"

"You woke up sooner than expected. I also had some problems while programming your blasters, trying to get them to not launch while you are unconsious. Atleast I now know that it works, the blast took out this whole wall, whish is why this bullet proof glass was placed here instead." Doctor Venditti said, half to himself. "You will remain in there until you are completely capable of controlling your new capabilities. Until then, you will be a danger to anything and everything you come into contact with."

"So I can just go and punch the wall and get out?" Irell asked, getting up and walking over to one of the white walls. She pulled back her right arm than swung. The mechanical linb left no mark, but Irell felt the vibrations from the force of the punch.

"Force fields, wonderful, aren't they?" Doctor Venditti said halfheartedly.

Irell screamed and rushed the glass wall, slamming her fists against it. Of course, no mark was made, but it infuriated her that Doctor Venditti didn't even flinch. "Let. Me. Go." she growled.

"Weapons are to be locked away, not let out into the open." Doctor Venditti said quietly.

"What did you call me?!" Irell said with shock lacing her voice.

"I said weapons are meant to be locked away, not to be freely let out into the world. You will be kept here until proven useful, or I will personally kill you with my bare hands." the old man replide, uncrossing his arms and bringing them forward to show his mechanical hands to Irell. "And I, for one, have nothing against destroying that which I have created."

"Not unless I kill you first, old man!" Irell stated.

"Impossible." Doctor Venditti stated "The metal color you wear? It's programmed into your wires, it makes sure you remain a trust worthy pawn and don't turn on me. You can not go against my orders; when I tell you to kill you shall kill, and when I tell you to protect me you shall take a bullet to the head if that is what it takes. I did save your life that destroyed a whole contenant, a bullet is not that big of a problem."

He turned to walk away, but paused to add "Remember, Irell, nothing is keeping me from killing you. You are replaceable."

As he walked down the hall, the young lady slammed her fists against the glass and screamed once again.

The End

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