First Step to Clense

Her head immediatly whipped to the side as her eyes widened at the old man standing on the other side of the glas. Who the hell is this?! the voice in her head screamed. "Who are you?! Where am I?! What has happened?!" she struggled against the chains as she screamed "Why can't I remember?! WHY AM I CHAINED DOWN?!"

"Quiet down, my little project..." the old man said quietly. He wore a long lad coat that trailed behind him on the floor even though he was not short. His arms were crossed behind his back with his hands neatly folded. His hair was neatly trimmed but gray, giving away his age when his face held no wrinkles. His blue eyes held a creepy glory in them, something that sent a chill up the young girl's spine.

"...who am I?" she said atlast, calmed down but still trying to get out of the chains that bound her.

"I am deeply sorry you had to wake up like this, my little project. You can not remember anything, sadly your memory has been whiped out and we couldn't save it." the old man said. "We did save your life, though. Be thankful for that."

"I almost died?" the young lady asked, finaly halting her struggle against the chains. "...Where is my family? Do I even have one?"

"You have no family, you have no friends or relatives. The area you had lived in had been terminated, I was able to rescue you and three others, though they died of lack of blood. One even had their body cut in half before we could even bring him safely inside." the old man chuckled as if there was some sick invisible joke. "Even though you lost your memory, you are still useful to me, my little project."

"I swear, if you're thinking about anything pervertive, I will chop that thing off you tressure so much and shove it up your-" the young lady started.

"Quiet, that will not be necessary. I have no interest like that in anything mechanical." the old man stated, pressing some button on the wall. The chains unlocked and slipped into some compartment on the side of the table, leaving the young lady to move freely. "You, my little project, have been saved by my technical genious! You have been turned into something the likes of which science has deemed impossible!!"

The young lady shifted and sat up, examining her body. Her right arm was metal, made of high tech machines, and so was her left leg. Her left hand shifted to feel her face. It was still human and organic, until she felt her left eye. It was a flat surface that felt like glass and was a quarter round.

"You're name is Irell, you hold no surname." the old man stated, and when Irell's hands got to the metal color around her neck, he added "Your saved life comes with a price. That color marks you as my soldier pawn. You serve me as a piece in the battle that plaugues this world. With you, I will win and finally show everyone how this world needs to be ran. With you, I can finally begin the steps to clense..."

The End

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