November Has ComeMature

A sharp ringing distracted me from my work, and I wheeled myself out from under a beat up Chev truck I was working on for a friend. I whipped open my cell and wiped my oily hands on my coveralls.

"Hey." I said casually, even thought I had no idea who was calling.

"Trix, it's Polly. How's it going?"

Polly was my good friend, and the man who'd introduced me to the beautiful sport of drang racing. As well, he was a the person responsiable for setting up most of my races. He was a saint.

"Hey man, not too bad. Just working on a bucket of bolts at the moment. You?" I cradled the phone on my shoulder and started putting tools away. I'd had enough of the truck for one night. It was almost beyond repair.

"Nothing. Listen, do you have time for a compitition tonight?"

"Yeah, I could sqweeze it in. Who's up?"

"I didn't catch his name, but he seemed to know all about you and your reputation. He was eager. To get his ass kicked, I guess."

I stifled a laugh. I still found it weird, the confidence that Polly had in me. "Sounds alright. When and where's this going down? And what's he driving?"

Polly paused a moment, the sound of ruffling papers in the background. "Ah, here. Tonight, 12:30, the abandoned desert highway out east of city. As for his ride..." Another pause, and I hear Polly take a long drag on what is either a cigarillo one of his smuggled Cuban cigars. "He never said."

A little doubt bloomed in my stomach, but I pushed it away No info on my opponent or their ride? That's sketchy. "Great. I like a surprise." I lied. "It's refreshing. Are you coming to this one? I could use my coach for once."

Polly laughed hollowly. "Kid, you know I can't. I gave this up years ago."

"I know," I said, feeling the same tinge of sadness I always felt. Polly taught me all I know. But he could never come to the races, just incase we got busted. He'd already used all of his 'get-out-of-jail-free' cards back in his days. He was never caught back when he raced, and he wouldn't be caught now.

 "You go get 'em, kid. Show em what you're got, and don't hold back."

"I won't. You know I won't"

Polly laughed again. "I know."

The phone clicked as my dad hung up.

The End

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