Chapter 1

This is my first story.

I shoulder my bag with a sigh, the bus driver giving me an unimpressed look as I rubbed my face with the hand not clutching a book to my side. Making a face at her, I jolted awake from the stupor I had fallen into when we jerked out of the parking lot.

Scowling, I made my way down the rows of unruly kids and wedged myself beside a girl sitting on her boyfriend's lap, the two gazing at each other with such devotion that I wanted to gag.

I kept my head down as I exit the bus, a muttered 'thank you' leaving my lips as I stepped down and started up the hill to my house. Dogs barked at me as I passed, their owners pulling them past with a scolding. Turning and continuing down a quiet lane, I stopped at 47 and unlatched the gate, making sure it swung closed once I was through, a whisper of a click my assurance that it had latched itself again.

My feet made a light padding sound as I walked down the winding stone path to the front door, situated around the back for reasons unknown to me. The large pine trees and bushes hid my house from prying eyes, obscuring any glimpse of my home except for the narrow path that led and disappeared into the foliage.

Pulling my keys out, I relaxed as the smell of pine and the lavender growing next to the door invaded my senses. I ran my hand over the worn surface of the door, flaking red paint faded by the sun and peeling off of the door. I inserted my key into the door and tried to turn it, but, as usual, the door wouldn't budge.

I pulled the door towards me and attempted to open it again, but with no success. Rolling my eyes, I shoved, putting my shoulder against it until it settled with a satisfying noise. The key turned in the lock then, and I could open it, shutting it firmly closed behind me. I walked farther into the house, ignoring the silence that settled over the rooms. I was used to it.

Once inside my room, I slid down the door, resting my head against the wood, my legs stretched out in front of me. I got up reluctantly and collapsed on the bed, so tired that even the niggling reminder in the back of my head couldn't persuade me to stay awake. My eyelids slid closed, and I drifted off into the waiting darkness.

The End

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