I ran as fast as I could. I tore up the river, looking for something that wasn't there.

Mom appeared beside me. My knuckles turned white as I clenched them into a tight fist. She was the one who had left me.

I grabbed her arm. She had to stay this time. But she pulled away from me, and ran as quickly as she could toward the river. I ran after her. 

I had reached out my arm to her, but she refused it. I couldn't believe what I saw next.

She had jumped.

I woke from the dream and sat up, sweating and panting. A nightmare, though an unusual one, had haunted me tonight. I was sure it would be back, repeating until Mom came home.

What if she never did? The Endless Nightmare, haunting me until I passed on, only because my mother never returned.

The End

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