chapter 1

Two young Sisters leave behind a small town headed for warm weather, Clear water and a chance to make it on their own!

"I can't believe this will be my last table".I thought to myself as a small group of customers walk through the door. I haven't been able to focus on anything else all day. Leaving new Brockton is going to be different for sure, I've lived in this town my whole life I would say I'm past due for an adventure!

"well that's it y'all"!I said as I untied my apron and laid it on the counter. Tammy who is or was my boss rushes over to hug me. " Carly, you girls be careful! I still can't believe Ernie Calhoun is going to let his daughters move to some island alone!" she says with a smile and her big country accent, still trying to look disappointed.

"I won't be alone, I have Emma!"I said trying to assure her.

"well, you girls be careful!" Tammy yells as she heads to the front of the restaurant. "there are some kind of crazies out there!"

I share a laugh with JP (he is one of the bus boys).I grab my things and head for the truck.the truth is Daddy was nervous about us moving. I am 20 now though. He after much discussion, has decided to let us go try this thing out. My grandfather passed about five months ago and he left an inheritance, a large one, to Emma and myself. Emma and I talked for the next month about how we could use this money to get out of this " cotton pickin" town! no seriously, that crap is everywhere!

I let Emma borrow my truck.That afternoon she picked me up from work at the boll weevil diner.As we pulled out into traffic Emma flipped down the visor to block the Sun. A picture of our senior trip to st. Martin fell out. we started to talk about how much fun we had and spent the next 10 minutes reminiscing. Emma, all of a sudden looked at me like a light had turned on. 

" what if...what if we bought that big old house, you know the one on the beach in saint martin?" The seriousness in her voice scared me! "remember, it was for sale!" she explained, trying to help me remember.

"Emma, that house was falling apart!" I looked at her like she was a little crazy.

"yes I know, but we could fix it up and use it for like a hotel or something!"

I had to admit she was sucking me into her world. Emma is 19. She is my sister but really my step sister. My daddy married her mother when we were 12. We have been best friends ever since.

"you know daddy is going to flip when we tell him." I reminded her, trying to bring her back down to earth."

"I hope not we are going to need his help!" Emma smiled. "I think mom would be for it. you know how much she loved it there they could come spend the holidays and stay in the big house!" Emma said, still full of excitement.

"well before we say anything to anyone let's find out if its still for sale and whats wrong with it."

we agreed to keep it between the two of us until we had worked out all the details. That way, when we went to Daddy we sounded like we knew what we were talking about. when we got home I hurry to my room and fired up my computer. "Homes for sale, St Martin" I typed into the search engine. I was bombarded with listings and it wasn't long until I found the one we were searching for.

The End

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