Fluorescent Sunsets

She believes in fluorescent sunsets and muted sunrises. She believes in sunshine smiles and moonlight kisses. She believes in ocean daydreams and urban adventures. She believes in blue skies and towering thunderclouds. She believes cups of chai beside warm fires and in cold nights spent out on the beach. She believes in the whispers of angels in her dreams and the beautiful logic of reality.

She believes in ancient ruins and modern skyscrapers. She believes in the cracks in the pavement and in the soft meadow grass under her feet. She believes in ancient tales of valour and modern romances. She believes in the harmony of music and the discord of human voices. She believes in the simplicity of order and the complexity of chaos. She believes in the beauty of daylight and the embrace of darkness. She believes in long-lost hopes and dreams of the future.

But, most of all, she believes in you. She believes in the light inside of you, in the hope she sees that you didn't know existed. She makes you believe that maybe, just maybe, anything is possible.

You don't think you believe in love.... but when she smiles, you know you have to try.

The End

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