A puppy who cannot differentiate between good folk and bad ones, looks for a mate. But surviving itself on the bustling streets of India is a miracle...

The pup 'Fluffy'  came into existence pretty much the same way as all the pups do in our world. He never met his father, who, unknown to him is known for his notorious, philandering ways. He was born to a Labrador mother who luckily enough had a home; he was blessed with fluffy brown fur and had two other brothers and three sisters.

Once the five started moving about, Fluffy turned out to be the most restless. He would nip his siblings, lick them until they were wet and tumble over them. Adi, the eight year old boy who took care of them didn't take much liking to Fluffy. Especially since he once nipped at him more than he ought to have and wouldn't leave his mom's feet alone. Soon enough, all the three sisters were sold to consequent buyers. Adi's family decided that Fluffy's brother was to stay. There was no word whether Fluffy was to remain or not, but sure enough he wasn't offered the food, love and care that his brother was offered and was neglected generally.

Here, Fluffy had to make a decision. One day, while poking his head through the gate, Fluffy had to make a decision and he slipped out onto the street. The street was ringing with a thousand kind of sounds and a myriad of cars, scooters and side walkers. Fluffy, entering the unfamiliar the first time, spun around him in a frenzy. His tongue lolled with excitement.

He would approach random strangers with suddenness, which resulted in them looking at him with curiosity. He had absolutely no sense about him, everyone to him seemed the same. He at once fancied a man in a red t-shirt and pants and began following him. The man whistled at him softly, was pleased with him. Fluffy followed him for a few meters before ultimately the man grew tired of the icky feeling he got at his feet and he shooed Fluffy away. Fluffy immediately made it beneath a parked car. Once he got out, he at once began following two girls, breathing at their heels.

One of them giggled to the other. "Look at that puppy. He looks so sweet. He's following us."

"Ya, betcha he caught the scent of the sandwich you have," the second replied.

Both of them crossed the road at a juncture where Fluffy made several futile attempts to cross the road and join them but to no avail.

Taking disappointment in his stride and walking with a slight bounce, Fluffy entered a rather crowded area of eateries. Here, he managed to make friends with a young man named Rohan. It was he who gave Fluffy his name. Rohan would give Fluffy any leftovers from his shop. Fluffy too, decided to stay in that place for the while and life was peaceful for about two days. He made friends with some children who found him an object of their plaything and he was passed around amongst them. They actually fell in love with him and played with him one full day. Fluffy would nudge them, chase them around in the park where they played and roll in the grass.

The third day approached sunset and it was as crowded as ever at Rohan's. Meanwhile, Fluffy had taken fancy to a scraggy man with bristly beard and followed him around. The man shooed Fluffy away and slammed his foot down before his face. Fluffy would jump and dodge and hide behind bushes, but he didn't stop following the man. In agitation, the man snatched a pebble and threw it at Fluffy. It struck Fluffy square and he gave a yelp. Within seconds Fluffy was back to his ebullient self and was looking around at passerby's, wondering whom he should look to next.

A few minutes later, a young lassie ushered to him and fed him a biscuit or two. She pet him and smiled. Evidently she was an animal lover.

'Such a sweet, playful thing. But I already have three dogs at home and mother won't let me keep a forth one. Well little one, I sure hope to meet you again if I happen to pass by', and thinking so, the lassie crossed the road.

But Fluffy wanted to follow her, to breathe at her heels, to have a companion, to have someone he could follow about. He sought to follow her and hopped to the middle of the road. Here, he paused and looked around himself. Little did he notice the car which hurtled towards him and stopped with a loud screech. The car did, however, hit Fluffy. There erupted a hard rendering squeal and Fluffy howled in misery, a leg of his twisted in a most horrible angle. Droplets of blood dripped from his mouth and nose.

He began to attract attention and passerby's looked at him. The driver of the car stuck his head out of the window, articulated some expletives and drove away as Fluffy squelched. Some distance away, Rohan noticed the humdrum. He ran out to the road and snatched up Fluffy. He looked at him and and shook his head slowly, with sadness.

"Sorry buddy, a lot of customers right now, can't help you." He dropped Fluffy at the side of the road.

Fluffy was blinded by pain, he couldn't see before him or who picked him up. Nor could he ever contemplate what transpired. The pain was overwhelming but it gradually seceded and slipped away. With a final yelp, Fluffy crumpled onto the dust ridden sidewalk. Rohan walked towards his shop, he turned around once to look at Fluffy and shook his head sadly before getting back to business.


The End

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