Flowers are evilMature

You know how most people see a flower and say "Oh that's so cute or that's adori ble." Well I am sick and tierd of it. being stuck here in one spot all day is boring as HELL! I mean being stuck here is one of the worst thing in this garden. I was siting here one day and some random person was walking down the street. He stoped, turned, and picked me. The next thing I know I am in pain all over because he picked all of my leaves off. I wish it wouldn't of happened. But there is nothing to complain about. I am in flower heaven now and i wish that BASTERD was alive so I could watch him suffer. Okaaay I admite it.....  It was murder pure murder and it felt so good. I mean all i did was blow him up. I see no harm in that.

The End

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