Ivory: Sleep

Ivory yawned and nearly dozed off, something she hadn't done on the job in years.

The spell was exhausting her but even the possibility of sleep could be disastrous to the village and detrimental to the fragility of the winter she had cast.

There was only one choice, it seemed.

The Lady gathered a satchel of supplies and pulled on her heavy fur cloak and boots, whistling for her dogs to join her. She gripped her pendant to maintain her concentration, the sharp edges starting to cut into her hands.

Her foot kicked one of the massive doors of the castle open and Ivory backed away momentarily, startled, before stepping out into the blindingly snowy world she had created. The bitingly cold air helped her focus enough to attach her dogs to the sled she kept covered by the stables, picking up the reins and pulling her hood on to keep the snow out of her eyes.

She breathed sharply, shook herself fully awake and mentally prepared herself to face the outside world, beyond the relatively empty castle grounds. Ivory had to find Spring, before something went terribly wrong. It had become clear no one else was capable of doing it.

Ivory was about to crack the reins downward when she heard footsteps crunching rapidly towards her and paused, only to see Lord Autumn looking at her with shock on his face.

"Lady Winter, what are you-"

She noted with bitterness that the Lady Spring was not with him.

"Please my Lord, I absolutely must find..." she trailed off, overcome with a wave of horror at the sight of the world around them. "must....find..."

The madly whipping winds and blackening clouds sobered her annoyance. Ivory calmed the storm and stepped off the sled, running a hand over her face.

If the Lord Autumn's appearance was enough to launch the world into a raging cold Ivory was of no use outside the castle. It had been much too long since she had been outside and it was much too difficult to roam the world that was resting in her hands. 

The Lady Winter strode past the battered-looking Autumn and retreated to her chambers once more. 

The End

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