Aurora: Boys and Girls

“Oh...” Aurora trailed off. How awkward it must feel to steal to name of the dead sister of the first person you meet. “I’m sorry for your sister.”

“Nah, it’s fine. She died to of hypothermia. That’s why I’m here to search for Spring. We’re gonna bring her back. Aurora woulda been glad to see that.”

Aurora smiled.

“Well, I’m sure you can do it.”

Jona was about to say more but Loali hopped in.

“Oh stop it! At this rate I’ll freeze my toes off before you guys finish! Jona go back to driving the carriage. I don’t think Freddie can last any longer in the cold.”

“Oh alright.” Jona rolled his eyes. “Girls.”

“Hey!” Loali reached out to punch him, but Jona had already slipped away. Loali sighed and shook her head. “Boys.”

Aurora giggled. Loali smiled.

“Well, let’ get you inside and then I’ll tell you about what happened.”

Aurora nodded and Loali stepped forward to open the back door. At that moment, the carriage lurched forward, throwing Loali off balance and almost sent her flying.

“Jona!” She shrieked, “What the hell were you thinking!”

“What?” A hidden front door opened up and Jona’s head peaked in along with a heavy gust of wind.

“Why didn’t you give a notice that we were starting off again? I almost flew out of the carriage!”

“Oops sorry. I thought you knew.” Jona grinned sheepishly. Loali rolled her eyes.

“Oh get on driving before you let out all of the warm air from the carriage.”


Jona slammed the door and Loali grunted in annoyance. She made her way over to the door and opened it up to let Aurora in. Aurora took a step into the room and felt a warm blaze inside as well at the attention stares of 6 other pairs of eyes.

It was a small wooden room with a metal furnace in the center. Surrounding it were costumes that hung on the wall. Was this an old circus trailer? Aurora was slightly confused.

Loali slipped in behind her.

“What are you guys staring at?” She snapped, waving people’s attention away from Aurora, “Have you never seen another girl before?”

Her question was met by silence and Loali sighed with a shake of her head.

“Come over here.” She said, guiding Aurora to an empty spot around the fire. Aurora sat down next to her and Loali placed a hand on her knee. “So you want to know the story of Le Cherche du Printemps?”

Aurora nodded.

“Well, it’s a long story...”

The End

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