Heat and Life

Vlad awoke to the sound of silence. It was a usual thing, though, so why did it wake him? Was it not the silence, but his own disturbed dreams? Why was Lord Summer, one of the beings that governed the seasons, having troubled dreams? 

Lady Spring? Her disappearance surely was alarming, but Vlad was not one to let himself be affected by matters involving Lady Spring or Lord Fall. Only the Lady Winter was important to him. It was sad, really. Even with Lady Spring gone and the boundary separating Vlad from Ivory ineffective, he was still not able to meet with her. Why? Why did she refuse any visitors?

Vlad breathed out, heat blowing across the cold room in which he resided. His body, a massive form draped in red and yellow with the crest of Summer - the Sun - placed on several places along the clothing, warmed itself the instant Lord Summer rose. With Lady Winter moving for so long, the cold was even spreading through the castle. When would this end? 

"Lord Summer."

Vlad looked down to where he knew his servant would be waiting. Abel was a scrawny person, but did his job well. Being a lesser spirit gave him abilities that shadowed the Great Four's own, though Abel's was focused more toward the physical aspect of his own body. 

"What is it, Abel?"

Abel bowed deeply. "My Lord, you should be resting for when Lady Spring is found and your season comes closer."

Vlad simply ignored him and walked towards the door.

"My Lord?"

"Do not mistake me, Abel," Vlad said without stopping, "I understand my need for rest, but if I do not move around, I could start to become emotionless once again. It is my desire to enjoy this moment of freedom while Lady Spring is being found."

"My Lord does not care for Lady Spring?"

Abel was known for speaking above himself on occasion, so Vlad decided to leave his life intact. "You mistake my words once more. Goodbye, Abel. I shall return."

With that, Lord Summer walked out of his chamber door and into a brightly colored hallway. Just like the rest of his section of the castle, it was decorated in colors depicting heat and life. That was the essence of Summer. Summer brought life to the plants, and through them brought life to all else. The heat was it's signature. Summer was Vlad. Vlad was Heat. Vlad was Life. Vlad was the Lord Summer.

In a few moments, though, he was going to simply be one spirit to another. Lady Winter's quarters came soon after Vlad passed the abandoned Lady Spring's quarters full of a full array of colors and he was instantly drawn into Lady Winter's domain. Now, the only thing that remained was to once again try for an audience with her... 

All Vlad wanted was a glimpse of her face. It had been too long...

The End

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