Aurora: Arrival of the Carriage

The four seasons are spirits who work mindlessly each year at their jobs. But now, this mindless cycle has been broken with the disappearance of Spring. Winter is running thin and the people are starving, not to mention that the other seasons are getting restless.
Spring needs to be found and the culprit punished.
But things are not always as they seem they are...

She woke up on the side of the street shivering.

It was snowing and the wind blew swirls of snowflakes all over the place.

She was lying on the ground, facing a tombstone.

Aurora Bellings could not remember who she was. Or what her name was. Or even why she was lying here next to a tombstone in nothing but a tattered old dress. And who was Aurora Bellings? Just another name she read off of the stone.

Aurora sneeze as she crawled up, already wet from the snow. She looked deathly pale and skinny, her stringy blonde hair now frozen into icicles on her head. Her fingers were numb and she knew she wouldn’t last long in this cold.

Moments later, she heard the noise of a carriage rolling along- the soft padded sound of a horse walking on snow. So she looked up and saw an old rickety carriage and a faint light glowing from within it. The door of the carriage swung open and a boy hopped out, smiling a wide toothy grin.

“Hey, you look cold!”

Aurora nodded.

“Why don’t ya hop aboard?” He waved her over with a smiled. Aurora stumbled over, shivering in the cold. The boy reached out and grabbed her, pulling her into the carriage.

It was so warm.

Inside, the carriage was just as worn. The seats were torn up of, the curtains, once lush and red, were now a dirty shade of brown. This carriage once held rich people. But not anymore. The carriage was rather big and there seemed to be a small room in the back it.

“Loali, we got a visitor!” The boy shouted as he closed the door. The back door opened and the head of a girl peaked out.

“Ooo, another girl! Finally!” She sprung out from behind the door and rushed over to give Aurora a hug. “Jona keeps on picking up boys. You’re the first girl. For a moment I thought I really was going to go crazy with the lack of company.”

“Thanks.” Muttered Aurora, whose tongue was still slightly frozen. “Where am I?”

“Welcome to Le Cherche du Printemps!” The boy motion to the carriage. “The first group of children to be sent out to find our beloved Spring.”

“Spring? Who’s Spring?” Aurora was confused. The girl next to her frowned.

“You must be freezing!” Loali gasped, grabbing Aurora's hand. “Here. I’ll tell after we sit you by the fire.”

Aurora nodded.

“A tell a name please.” Loali asked. “We can’t just go around calling you girl!”

“Aurora.” She whispered. The boy looked up at her.

“That’s funny.” He said with a funny expression. “I had a sister name Aurora who died a few days ago. We just passed her tombstone. Right there. Aurora Bellings.”

The End

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