Chapter Fifteen [VI]

The whole congregation had gathered to see them off to the train station in their taxi, and threw confetti and orange peel at them as they ran down the flagstones holding hands.

As Aoife climbed into the taxi she felt a choking pang of regret – just one single regret. She had not said goodbye to Uncle Humph. Dear Uncle Humph! How could she have done such a thing? She had not forgotten; there had simply been no time.

Her eyes searched for him as the taxi pulled away, guilty and frantic for a glimpse of his kind grey head. Where was he? She scanned the faces she knew so well, with not a thought for anyone but her uncle.

There he was! She looked at him, and the steady gaze in his green eyes said everything.

Her conscience was relieved, and she looked forward to her three weeks with Vinzent at the Achensee with glee and harmony. Three joyous weeks! She turned to her husband, and they exchanged a gaze of love and understanding.

The End

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