Chapter Ten [VI]

“Well, done, Kristy!” Dan said, patting the smooth white side of the yacht with tender affection.

They anchored a little way off, and Aoife went to fetch the dinghy, which she rowed out to fetch them. Soon all four crew members were standing on the jetty, ready to help the crew of Ophélie back to dry land.

“I really didn’t expect you would win,” the defeated Captain Élodie owned as she shook hands with the victorious Captain Dan. “Coralie said you didn’t know about boats.”

“We didn’t,” Daniel said frankly, “but we do now.”

“Well done,” contributed Basilie. “I also did not think you would be first.”

Dan grinned. “To be honest, we weren’t too sure either. We were lucky.”

“There is no thing that is luck,” Basilie reproved haughtily, and they smiled at one other.

“No ferries for half an hour,” Aoife said when the congratulations were over. “How about fresh scones at our chalet before you have to move Ophélie?”

“Wonderful!” breathed Coralie, and there was a universal laugh.

“I only wish Vinzent could have been there,” was Blaise’s decree as Aoife tucked her in bed that night.

“So do I,” Delia agreed. “He’s good fun.”

“Yes,” acknowledged Aoife with a smile.

The End

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