Floral Fallel

Something strange happens to someone in his slumber. Just something I hope to put it`s readers imagination to good exercise :D

It was something I`ve never even imagined before. I can`t bear to keep all this emotion I feel for it, to myself. It was a thrill and an acceleration of dancing emotions, surrounding her in mystical fluorescent particles they changed colours and danced in the air and all I was doing was staring at a dying bush of flowers trying to have empathy for it. It became clear to me that this magic was here all along, but only now having made such a connection have my eyes finally adjusted to see the beauty of this spectacle.

They danced round and round and round the bush of flowers, the lights would touch each petal and immediately the flower would brighten and bloom with life and vibrancy. You could feel the warmth of the life embedded in these flowers like the heat blazing from a fire. I sat and absorbed the energy flowing from these strange glowing particles. They floated towards me and staring at them I could almost understand what seemed like a persona. They continued to approach me cautiously and then after investigating the foreign being infront of them, they began to swirl around my head. I could feel the warmth on my scalp as they floated through my hair, the feeling I felt was so blissful I could only describe it as something similar to the feeling you would get after easing the pain of a splitting headache. It was as if I had been in so much physical pain my whole life but the aching was finally over, then it began to overwhelm me, but as the lights drifted and floated closer to my ear, I heard a whisper from a gentle voice, it called to me. It spoke to me and said “Embrace Me”. And so as my eyes widened I began to feel the energy rush into my body, my eyes filled with a golden yellow and my pupils narrowed. I felt myself begin to entangle and regenerate as if I was growing back a limb, vines surrounded me and I felt the thorns of thousands of needles pierce my skin as if it were as thin as paper. I felt my organs overflow with toxins and poison, almost passing out from the pain, I let out a wail, the torture was like noone could imagine.

Then like a dream I woke up and found myself in an uncomfortable bed. My sight went black and then focused and I saw the hospital room and my memory returned, the tumour in my brain was the cause of this. But I could only hope the next time I lay my head to rest, I could be embraced by this earthly spirit, if only I could express enough how the energy and the pain, the adrenalin and the embrace, it was to die for.

The End

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