Flora and Flow

Had the two-legs seen them? Flora wasn’t sure but she hoped they hadn’t. For being a clever mermaid - unlike some – she knew that if the two-legs saw them that Flora (her twin sister) and all the other mermaids would find themselves in a zoo.

 Flora swished her tail and headed west. She went diving among the rocks and seaweed then flicked her tail upwards sending little rainbow showers everywhere. When she came back up Flora saw the men were still there.

Off in the distance she heard thunder and screams. Another shipwreck, she thought. Then she stopped. Those were the cries of a mermaid and not just any mermaid: it was Flow. Flora flew through the sea towards the cries of her twin sister. When she got there a terrible sight met her eyes – millions of caged mermaids floating in glass tanks. How could she free them?... Then she had it – she would simply push the tanks against the rocks, smashing them.


The sun was setting in the land of the mer people and as the two twins – Flora and Flow – sat on the rocks they were sad to remember how lonely they had been. Reading each others’ thoughts they knew it was all right now. “It doesn’t matter now so long as we’re together,” they said, hugging each other as they swam home through the rippling moon light.



The End

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