Flood and Survival: Chapter 3

After a few more hours, she had found three more items of interest. One was a compass. It was a bit battered but the writing and numbers were clear and easy to read. The next item was a feather collection. It was preserved in a tin box that had protected it from the water and rubble. Her favourite item was the silver ring. She had to clean it off before realising what it truly was but she liked it all the same. It had three small diamonds in, which were quite clean. She had placed it on the chain Greg had given her earlier.

“Jenna come on! We have to get moving. We need your help with the wounded.” Jenna sighed then made her bags safer then walked to the group. She was about to speak when an odd feeling went through her. She looked around then yelled:

“Hide! Leave those you can’t take.” She ran up to them. “Please hide.” Deep growling echoed loudly and covered up her warnings. She climb further up with some others. People wearing jackal masks and black hooded robes ran up and began to kill those who could not climb or were near death. There were too many to count so Jenna pulled out one of her inventions then threw it down in the middle of a group of them. She motioned for everyone to move back and hide so they did. There was a very loud noise. Her invention had exploded with such force that it shattered and pierced the attackers, causing them to die or become in great pain. The others ran away allowing Jenna and the others to look over the edge. People gasped or turned away but Jenna slid down the side and smiled. “Wow it worked better than I imagined.”

After covering the dead bodies with their jackets, they followed Jenna. Jenna had walked off immediately so they had to follow her footsteps.

“Why are you following me?” She asked annoyed. Jenna had turned to see them watching her every move anxiously.

“Well both our leaders are dead, our second is gone so…”

“You have the gift.” Jenson interrupted. Jenna stopped, sighed then turned to face them all.

“I can sense if something is going to happen yes. I’m a loner I like to kill things and you lot don’t like that.”

“We’ll live with it. Lead us to safety Leader Jenna.” One said happily. She sighed, shrugged then they all continued to walk. Jenna looking ahead but often being distracted by shiny objects.

The End

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