Flood and Survival: Chapter 2

They ran across the loose stones then began to climb a rocky mountain. As they were some of the first people up there, they could get quite high. Everyone else was clambering on, trying to avoid the liquid that approached. Greg stepped on a loose rock then slipped, his hand desperately trying to grab at a rock to hold on and pull himself up. Failing to get a grip, he fell down, dragging some people down with him.

“Greg!” Jenna yelled as she reached the top. She looked over then was pulled back up.

“We have to keep going Jenna. He’s gone.” She nodded to the man then sighed.

“I can’t believe it. He shouldn’t have slipped, he was on the most secure side.”

“Jenna we can only hope he’s okay. Now come on.”

“Look Jenson, I don’t want to go with you. You always try to show off.” She ran off away from him and began to climb another mountain. This one was less secure but was the fastest way up and less steep.

“Jenna you’ll get hurt!”

She continued to climb and eventually felt the grass under her hand. She pulled herself up, being careful not to drop any of her inventions. As she stood and looked down she gasped. Just before the first mountain, everything was underwater. Pieces of debris and dead bodes floated with the still raging current. The water level had begun to rise faster than the people could climb. As they reached the top of the first mountain they would run to another steep one instead of going Jenna’s way. The water increased in depth until it reached the bottom of the second mountain. A few of the people managed to cling on and climb up with help from others but at least 75% of the villagers had gone, including Greg. She sighed then pulled the bags up and turned around. The houses were destroyed and most of the rubble had been swept down the path. Out of curiosity she began to walk up the paths, being careful not to slip on the still wet stones. She couldn’t find anything except wet field and little puddles in the pits that used to be houses.

“Maybe there’s a god who hates us.” Jenson was know beside her, also looking shocked at the destruction. Jenna frowned at him. She, unlike the others in the village, didn’t believe in Gods or religion.

“It was a natural occurrence.”

“How do you know religion doesn’t exist? You’re so negative.” She sighed then continued to go between the rubble piles of ex-houses. “Maybe we did something to displease him.” He sighed then kicked a stone. “Maybe we weren’t religious enough. Maybe…”

“Maybe you could stop talking and see if anyone else has survived.” He frowned then went to the mountain to find survivors. She muttered angrily as she found a broken object. It was a silver dragon pendant with green jewels as it’s body and black jewels as the eyes. Several green jewels and one black one was missing. Jenna knew there was no chance she’d find the missing stones so she picked it up and dried it off with her top. It was dirty from the climbing she had done but she managed to get a clean bit and wipe it using that. She put it in her item bag then continued walking around.

“Jenna we found him!” Jenson yelled. She ran to where they were then frowned. “He’s slightly tired and we don’t know if he has any injuries but we can check that out later.” Jenna knelt beside Greg then held his hand.

“Jenna?” He asked, looking up. “What happened?”

“You slipped and fell into the water.” He frowned. Jenson walked to the others then Jenna leant close to him. “Was there anything?”

“No. A few shiny objects but I was too busy trying to survive to collect them.”

“Is it deep?”

“Yes, very. At the bottom there’s a lot of debris and rubble.” She nodded then stood and continued searching. She had gained all the information she needed so there was no reason to stay. She continue to scan the area, looking out for bits of interest or stuff that was shiny.

The End

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