Flood and Survival

A young girl can sense trouble but will it save lives?

“Bye Greg!” A man from a busying store shouted in a deep voice. Greg, a simple looking man with neatly brushed brown hair and sharp features, held up a hand in a slang wave then walked out. On his back was a bag full to the brim with items. Greg walked upright and in short strides past several alleyways. There were an innumerable amount of abandoned or decayed houses as the habitants had fled after an event that most people had forgotten or had wished to forget about. The stone path had also seen better days but as a simple rock collector, Greg’s speed and skill at repairing it was not very good so he was never recommended. Only his relative, aged 17 years, had trusted him to do it which installed little but some confidence. The village had pulled together and had gotten a repair man from another village but he seemed more content having break upon break insisting that he: ‘had travelled a long way’. When Greg reached a small, temporary house he looked over it lovingly then sighed and entered.

“Jenna!” He called, his voice croaking slightly. “Jenna!” He repeated but no-one moved or answered back except the silence. He sighed then placed the bag on a simple work bench, accidentally knocking off a spherical black object.

“Pick it up quick!” Jena yelled, her brown hair flying behind her as she ran down the stairs towards him. He went around and picked it up immediately, Jenna having to stop herself from moving to avoid knocking him over. “Why don’t you look where you put your stuff anymore?” She asked then snatched the object and cradled it, and the others, in her arms as if protecting a baby.

“What are they?” Jenna frowned then sighed.

“They are an invention. Don’t laugh. They do work.” She added as he began to smile.

“I see. Well then, put your inventions away and I shall show you some things.” She placed the spherical objects into sections on a piece of material then looked to him. He opened his bag then pulled out a tall, golden stick. She gasped then approached slowly and amazed.

“What is it?”

“A candlestick from generations back. Isn’t it in fine condition?” She studied it inquisitively.

“No, it has rust around the base, but I suppose that’s normal.” He chuckled as she continued to study it.

“This is something no-one has named yet, they believe it to be…” He stopped as she had placed the candlestick down and snatched the other object out of his hand. It was rough but smooth. “They think it is a shell from when they had beaches.” Jenna smiled then held the ‘shell’ to her ear. She looked disappointed then placed it down. “You prefer shiny things don’t you?” She nodded then he passed her something small that reflected the light.

“Wow.” She said as she held it by a thin chain. There was a circular object on the end that would fall down to the earth no matter what way you held it. “it’s a ring isn’t it?”

“Yes most probably one presented upon the joining of two people.”

“Wedding.” She muttered then put the clean, shiny chain with the ring attached around her neck. “Can I keep these?”

“Do you have enough room in your bag?”


“Then you may.” Jenna took the items then put them into a drawstring bag that had been obviously altered. It had extra padding, extra strength and added sections. “That’s cheating.” She smiled then went to speak but felt something go through her.

It was as if her whole body was shaking inside but outside she was fine.

“Jen are you okay?” She frowned.

“Something’s going to happen. Something bad.” She knew this from experience as the last time she had felt this way there had been an attack and the time before that there had been a famine.

“Get your stuff.” Jenna nodded then picked up the three bags. One full of food, one full of clothing and blankets and the other full of items. As they left the house, Jenna put the piece of material with the spherical objects over her shoulder and Greg checked to make sure nothing had been left. He had left the work bench and some wooden furniture. It was all temporary so he didn’t feel bad about leaving it. As they walked up the broken stone path people looked at them then began to panic and run in the house. “You are sure aren’t you?” Jenna looked to him frowning.

"Yes. I was right the last two times wasn’t I?” He sighed then looked back and frowned. Everyone was following with their pre-packed bags. “Why do they follow our example?”

“They trust your judgement.” People began to scream and run as fast as they could. Most of them over took those two. They turned then saw a massive wall of reflective liquid approach. Jenna stopped and looked at it but Greg pulled her away.

The End

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