"It's too dangerous Nathan. We dont know what's down there. This is uncharted space." "What the hell did you expect? We're landing because we have barely any food, we don't know where the hell we are and we're running ridiculously low on fuel. We've been floating out here for three days. We have no other choice." The captain had been shouting for half an hour now. He was tired, had't eaten all day and now thanks to his insubordinate pilot he was angry. His patience was running lower than the fuel. But the Pilot, not fully aware of just how inpatient the Captain had become, continued his plea; "Do you remember the last planet we landed on, Nathan? That thing with the teeth? And the claws? Those are two of my least favorite things, closely followed by..." The pilot wasn't able to finish his sentence on account of being pinned against the cold metal of the ship. The "pinner" was the Captain. He held the Pilot against the wall with far more strenght than neccessary and talked through gritted teeth. "First of all there are alot of things that hurt more than teeth and claws, one of which is hanging on my hip. Secondly, last time i checked my name was Captain. And thirdly, shut - the hell - up!" The Captain released the Pilot and turned towards the bridge, which on this small vessel wasn't far, leaving the Pilot speechless. He had known the captain for a long time and thought of him as a friend before a Captain. He had been threatened by him many times, but not once did it ever get physical. His pride was hurt. His plea had failed. What's more the captain was a scary man when he wasn't within an inch of his face. Before leaving through the door to the bridge, the Captain turned and spoke again. The anger had gone but the autority was still there. "I dont know what we're gonna find but we're going to find it. Either you take us down or i will. And we'll be alot more comfortable and alot less dead if you do it." The Pilot watched the Captain step through the door and though he was entirely against the idea, he knew he would land the ship. He composed himself as best he could and made after the Captain. He would need to steady his hand before taking the ship down.
The End

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