Slow DanceMature

          The school dance was still going strong when we got back to Earth. The lights were swirling over the room and bodies. we made it back in time for the last slow song. Gabriel and Ellie rushed into the crowd right away, ready to dance. Gabriel's wound had been healed. Loki came with us and brought a friend. A girl demon by the name of Tonya.

          Damien led me into the crowd. He wrapped my arms around his neck and pressed me close to him. His heart beat against my chest and I could smell the campfire once again. I hadn't been able to smell it in days because he was gone.

          "I'll never leave you again. I promise I'll protect you always," he wispered, resting his head on top of mine.

          "It's okay. I'm in love you," I replied, smiling.

          He smiled back down at me with his half-smile. His eyes were more gorgeous than ever.

          "Did I ever tell you that you're eyes are amazing and that's my favorite smile?" I asked, still marveling at his eyes.

          He just grinned and kissed me. This kiss was even more passionate than the others. As we kissed, I could hear the other people in the room wisphering, but I didn't care. How could I when I had the most handsom guy who ever lived right here? It was great to finally have that slow dance I always wanted. It was better than I ever imagined it to be.

____________________Nine Years Later_____________________

          "Damien!" I giggled as kissed my ear. "Ha! Okay, enough! I give! I give!"

          "That's more like it," he chuckled, flashing me my favorite smile. "Gabriel, Ellie, Loki and Tonya are visiting today."

          "Oh, that's right. Well, we better get up then," I stated, rolling out of bed.

          I smiled at Damien and walked into the bathroom. Singing, I took a quick shower. My scars from that day were gone now. My wings were back and I loved them. With them, my powers weren't limited. I exited the shower and dried myself off. Damien came into the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist. His bare chest shone in the bathroom light. He smiled and kissed my cheek as he walked to the shower. My cheeks burned even though we were married now. Every little touch still affected me like when we first met.

          Smiling to myself, I left the bathroom and changed into a yellow sundress. I looked in the mirror and decided that I would let my hair air dry. After applying makeup and kissing Damien, I headed downstairs and set up the living room. Gabriel and Ellie were together still and so were Loki and Tonya. They were all excited to come over for this special occasion. I was excited to see the look on their faces. Damien and I had it all planned out on how it would work.

          I was finally done preparing the kitchen and the backyard when the bell rang. Yelling for Damien to get the surprise, I answered the door. Our friends buried me in hugs and kisses. They questioned me about the surprise and gave Damien the signal. He came and stood by my side with the surprises in his arms.

          "They're adorable!" cooed Ellie, gently holding the boys' hands. "Cade is the one wearing green?"

           I nodded taking my other baby in my arms.

          "This is Spencer," I stated, kissing my son's head. "Thanks for coming over for their birthday!"

          "We wouldn't miss it for the world!" exclaimed Tonya, smiling.

          "They have your eyes, bro," teased Loki, nudging Damien gently.

          "Yeah. They're precious," he replied, tickling Cade.

          I watched as our friends took turns holding my babies. Cade and Spencer giggled as the new faces cooed to them. They were beautiful like their father. They had his eyes and his skin tone. When they grew up they were going to meet someone special like I did.

          "You made some beautiful babies, Mama," wisphered Damien, wrapping his arms around me. "They have your hair and your beautiful smile."

          "Thanks, but I can't take all the credit," I replied, turning my head to look at him.

          He chuckled and kissed me.

          This was the life I had been wanting to live. I had two beautiful baby boys and they were twins. I couldn't ask for more. I had everything now. Great friends and a gorgeous family. This was the perfect life.

          "Hey, Damien. I have to tell you something," I wisphered, watching our babies crawl.

          "What is it?"

          "I love you."

The End

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