Hell HoundMature

          I stared at Damien and Satan. There was nothing I could do. My powers were limited and I couldn't help Damien take on Satan. The scars on my back tingled as Satan took a step back.

          "I have no time to waste on such a meaningless hell hound. Drake, come and take care of him for me," replied Satan turning his back. "Oh and once you've killed Damien, kill Lyekka as well."

          I stared after Satan walking away behind the curtain Damien had come from. What an ass. I knew that he would change his mind about keeping me. It was expected of the devil.

          "I'm going to enjoy killing you two," sneered Drake, taking a step forward.

          I got up and stood by Damien's side. This wasn't that bad a fight. My powers could handle Drake. Maybe.

          "Get out of here, Lyekka. Get to heaven," commanded Damien, pushing me back behind him. "I don't want you to get hurt."

          "What? No! I'm going to fight along side you!" I argued, grabbing on to his arm.

          Damien glared at me, but then turned his attention back to Drake. He was tensing up and the red was beginning to take over his eyes.

          I backed away, giving him space. His true form was taking over. As he changed, I remembered why hell hounds were called what they were. Damien's face resembled that of a dog, but he had a longer snout and bigger teeth. His legs were long and muscular with claws that could cut through metal. I watched as his long ears pressed against his skull as he snarled and bared his teeth. His long tail twitched from side to side as he crouched. I couldn't help but stare at his striking red eyes against his black fur.

          I had never seen a hell hound, but now that I was in the presence of one I felt fear. Although I knew it was Damien, I couldn't help but be frightened. A low hissing was now escaping his lungs and a line of spit was falling from his mouth. His lip was pulled back over his teeth and his nose was wrinkled in anger. He was the size of an SUV. It was amazing. The more I watched him the more frightened I became. His teeth looked like they could rip through any amount of human flesh. I backed up, pressing my back against the stone wall.

          "How did you do that without your wings, Damien?" Drake asked, bewildered.

          Damien let out a ferocious bark and took a step forward.

          "No matter. I'll still kill you," replied Drake, charging with incredible speed.

          I watched in horror as Drake nearly clawed Damien's side. The memory of Drake killing me came back to my mind. Only...he hadn't really killed me. I had managed to hold on to life long enough to be knocked down to Earth. He was fast then. The same couldn't be said for Damien though. I had no memories of him. We hadn't met back then although I heard his name. All I remembered was that he was Angy's secret lover.

          Damien yelped in pain as Drake caught his back. He reached his head around and clamped his jaw down on Drake's arm. He shook his head trying to wretch the arm from the socket.

          "Damien, watch out!" I screamed, running to him.

          Drake slashed Damien's stomach with his other hand.

          Damien rolled away and let out a long howl in pain. He looked like his was unconscious as I ran to him.

          Stupid move.

          Drake launched his self at me and knocked me to the ground. He pinned me down and laughed in my face. His foul breath made my eyes water and his weight was crushing my stomach. I tried to use some of my power, but it was useless against him. My powers were weaker than I thought. He leaned in close to me and licked my cheek.

          "Ugh! Get off of me, you fat bastard!" I screamed, sending him another jolt of power.

          This power was more powerful than the other attempt. It sent him flying through the air. I took the chance to run back to Damien.

          "Damien? Damien!" I yelled, shaking his crumpled body. "Sweetie, you have to get up!"

          Then I felt rough hands around my throat, throwing me across the room. I hit the wall hard and the strap of my dress ripped. My heels broke and my hair was in a mess. I took my heels off and threw them at Drake.

          "Those were expensive!" I shouted, sending another blast of energy at him.

          It missed and he was on me in seconds. He grabbed my throat and clenched his hands, cutting off my air way.

          I gasped for air and clawed at his arms. Damien's body was still across the room and I knew that he was alive. He had to be. There was no way that Drake could have killed him that easily.

          "Any last words?" he crowed sadistically.

          "Damien! Damien, please get up! I love you!" I shouted painfully, feeling my vision starting to fade.

          Drake laughed at my pathetic yell and proceeded to raise a hand.

          This was it. He was going to kill me and doom me to roam as a lost soul. All my memories as a human returned to me. Growing up with my so called parents and going to school. Even though the people there hurt me constantly, I wanted to go back. All the times that Jen and Megan had slept over flowed in along with the memories. Then I remembered going to the beach with my mother and father. The bonfire warming us up at night and filling the air with that campfire smell.

          That smell. Damien smelled like campfire. The memory of meeting Damien filled my mind now, taking over the rest of my memories. His muscular body and his half smile filled my mind. The second time he had slept over at my house with his arm wrapped around me gently protecting me. Then the carnival. Him riding the rides with me and laughing. Teasing me when I lost at the game booths. Then the Ferris wheel at the end of the night. Me resting against him in the cold night air. The lights from the ride lighting up his already beautiful eyes.

           And his lips. His soft, firm lips against mine. Our tongues entangling together and the feeling of his hand against the small of my back. My body pressed against his in an embrace. The necklace that was against my neck now, pressing into my skin was against his neck as he laid there. His symbol of love for me. All that passed in a small amount of time as I was about to die.

          Suddenly the pressure on my throat released and I fell to the ground, choking. As I gasped for air, I heard screams from Drake. I looked over to see Damien ripping him apart. Blood flowed on the ground and stained the stone floor. When Drake was finally dead, Damien limped over to a stone bowl filled with water and rinsed his mouth up. Then he turned to me, ears up, tail wagging, and stepped forward. I backed up hesitantly, still holding my throat.

          Damien's tail ceased and dropped to the floor. His ears drooped low, touching the ground as he hung his head. He whimpered an whined.

          I got up and approached him carefully. As I got near I could see that he was just a big puppy. I reached my hand out and laid it against his forehead. The whimpering stopped and he looked up. I hugged his large snout and cried. I had almost lost him. The necklace around his neck clinked against mine. I locked them together and returned to hugging him. He licked my face gently and sighed loudly.

          "No!" a loud voice boomed. "This can't be happening! You were supposed to die!"

          We both turned to see Satan coming out from behind the curtain. Out necklaces unlocked as Damien nuzzled me behind him. He wrapped his tail around me protectively and growled at Satan.

          "That will be enough, Lucifer!" shouted a large booming voice.

          The voice sounded familiar to me and I instantly became brave. There was no need to fear this voice. It was God. He was going to help us now.

          Satan hissed and backed away from us. He ran behind the curtain and yelled for us to leave.

          We were transported somewhere else now. This time we were in heaven. A familiar place that I hadn't seen in forever. Damien clutched my hand and smiled at me. He was "human" again. I smiled and leaned against him happily. Then a coolness touched my back. Shocked, I touched where my scars were and found wings. I looked at Damien and found his wings had been returned, but they were not black anymore. They were white like mine.

          "Lyekka, it's great to have you back."

          I looked at Damien and then sighed.

          "I love being an angel, God. But I think that I've become accustomed to the human life. Can I...go back and live out that life?" I asked, looking to Damien for support.

          "Me too, sir," stated Damien, smiling down at me.

          "As you wish. You two have very promising lives ahead of you."

          Damien and I looked at each other and smiled brightly. We spoke at the same time.

          "We know."

The End

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