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          Drake pulled me away from the school roughly. His hand clutched my wrist and it was beginning to hurt.

          I looked behind me and saw that Gabriel and Ellie were rushing towards us.

          "Stop!" shouted Ellie, grabbing my other hand. "Let her go."

          Drake turned around. His eyes were turning red and his muscles were growing. He was tense just like Damien had been the time I made him angry. I began to worry. Was his "true form" coming out?

          Ellie glared back, but kept her hand on me. She wasn't about to give up. She became tense, but she went through no changes.

          Gabriel was by her side now, ready to back her up. He was tense as well, but he showed no changes.

          This was it. This was the showdown that I knew would be coming eventually. I was glad that it wasn't Damien, but I was also scared for their souls. If they lost, their souls would be doomed to become lost forever.

           Drake shoved me out of the way and lunged at Ellie. In mid air, his head produced curled horns and fire. He looked like the typical demon.

           I hit the ground hard and I yelled in pain. When I looked up Ellie was fighting with Drake. Gabriel was right by her side, fighting with her. I gasped as Drake caught Gabriel with his long nails in the chest. As Gabriel fell, Ellie screamed. Her smooth voice was drenched in panic now as she ran to Gabriel. She tried to get him up, but he couldn't move. Drake was on them in an instant, sneering and laughing menacingly.

          "Stop! Stop! I'll go with you! Don't kill them!" I shouted, running to Drake. "Don't kill them!"

          Drake stared at me. He snorted and touched a long nail to my forehead.

          My mind went blank and I couldn't understand what was happening. I turned to look at Gabriel and Ellie. They were holding me. I stared down at myself. What happened? How were they holding me, if I was still standing? Looking down at my hands, I realized that I was just a soul now. I was slightly disappointed. My thoughts were that souls were clear and see through. Sort of like a ghost. I guess I was way off.

          Then memories started flowing through my head. Memories of angels and other human souls. I felt a slight sting on my back and touched it. Two long puffy scars were there.

          "I was an angel?" I mumbled, looking down at Ellie and Gabriel. "I remember now. I was an angel and I had tried to get Angy's lost soul back. Except I couldn't because...because of you!"

          Drake rolled his eyes at me like it was no big deal.

          He was the reason I had become a fallen angel. When I had tried to get Angy's soul back he had come and killed me. My face dropped as I realized that Gabriel and Ellie must have known this.

          "Why didn't you tell me?" I asked, turning to them.

          "We're sorry, Lyekka. We didn't want you to know because we thought that you'd never get your soul taken away," cried Ellie, holding Gabriel in her arms.

          I turned back to Drake who had calmed down. He was back in his other form now, glaring at me. Thoughts poured through my mind as I struggled with decision.

          "Ellie...Gabriel...I forgive you. Go back to heaven," I replied, stepping next to Drake. "I'll always love you."

          Then the wind swirled around my head as Drake took us somewhere. I struggled to keep my tears hidden as I let my fellow angels go. As the wind died down I found that we were in a ominous place. Everywhere I looked, human souls were suffering. This must be hell.

          "Lyekka! Angel, it's finally good to meet you! Let me introduce myself! I'm Satan, but I'm sure you already knew that."


          Loki threw a stone at a window. It shattered and the pieces fell all over the floor. He laughed and threw another one.

          Damien watched, unamused at Loki's destructiveness. He was perched on top of an empty crate. They had been in this warehouse for hours now. Loki stayed here whenever he was bored and needed something to do. He had been here numerous times before and he always laughed when they destroyed things, but not this time. This time, there was something he was missing. He was missing time with Lyekka. He wished that he could be there dancing with her. A loud crash sounded as something fell. Damien looked at Loki and snarled.

          "It wasn't me!" he replied, holding his hands up.

          "Damien! Damien, it's us! Gabriel and Ellie!" cried out Ellie, helping, Gabriel walk.

          He looked at Gabriel's wounded chest and became angry. He could feel his muscles beginning to grow.

          "Drake attacked us," explained Gabriel, letting go of Ellie.

          Ellie retreated back to where they had come from. She returned carrying something. When she walked into the light, he eyes got huge. There in Ellie's arms, was Lyekka's cold lifeless body.

          He ran to her and took Lyekka's body from her arms. As he caressed her cold cheek, he cried. His knees gave out and he fell to the ground. The necklace around her neck shown in the faint light. Her cold body laid in his arms limply as he buried his face in her hair. Drake had taken her soul and now she was probably facing Satan right now.

          "Here, take her. Loki, stay with them and protect them, just in case Drake comes back," commanded Damien, handing Lyekka's body to Ellie. "I'm going after her."


          "Trish chose to turn angelic. It's not God's fault she hated hell," I commented, sitting in a chair across from Satan.

          His smile faded away and he frowned.

          "You're pushing your luck here. I could very easily just kill you and turn you into a lost soul. However that would defeat my purpose. I'm going to put you to good use. I'm going to give you demon wings and you will serve me as a hell hound," he sneered, drinking his wine.

          "Why would I serve you?" I snapped, glaring at him.

          "Because if you don't, then I'll kill my other hell hound," he replied, grinning evilly.

          "So? Why should I care about some demon?" I argued, looking away from him.

          "That's harsh, considering you love him after all."

          I turned my head back to him in an instant. Was he talking about Damien?

          "If you become a demon, people won't try and kill you two. You two would be happy for all eternity. Two hell hounds in love and at my hand. It wouldn't be so bad, Lyekka. After all, a black hell hound and a brown one would make cute puppies," he teased, laughing to himself.

          "You make me sick," I snapped, kicking his wine glass to the floor. "I'll become you're stupid hell hound, but I'm not doing it for you."

          He jeered at me and stood up.

          "Being a hell hound isn't what it's cracked up to be," stated Damien, coming out from behind a curtain. "You're way too pretty to be something as ugly as me."

          I stared in disbelief as Damien stood between Satan and me. There was tension in the air as the final battle was about to begin.

The End

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