The next few days were incredibly hard without Damien there to hold my hand. I had spent that Sunday with Gabriel and Ellie, but they just weren't the same. It wasn't like they weren't great people, it was just that I needed Damien. I missed the familiar smell of campfire and how his eyes just seemed to glow when you looked into them. His half smile that made my heart skip a beat and his messy hair were gone. I missed everything about him, but with the right half of the little metal heart resting against my skin I knew that I would see him again. Maybe it wouldn't be soon, but I would wait for him.

          School had been the hardest part. My friends questioned me on where Damien had gone and I told them that he had other patients to help. They didn't know anything about our little date to the carnival. Ellie and Gabriel took turns going to school with me. They were more respectful than Damien had been that one day, but in my mind that's where he belonged. Right there by my side, pretending to be a physical therapy counselor.

          Finally the week was over and we were sitting in my room. My parents thought that Gabriel and Ellie were friends from school. I sat on my bed with my knees hugged to my chest and Gabriel sat on the floor with his legs spread out. Ellie was sitting on the chair and was playing on my computer. We had gotten to be close friends in the last few days. It was great to have them while Damien was gone. I was glad that he had left these two instead of someone else.

          "Done!" chirped Ellie, wheeling around to face me.

          "Done with what?" I asked, resting my chin on my knees.

          "I decided that we need to get you out of here and have some fun! I bought us all dance tickets for the school dance!" she exclaimed, practically jumping up and down.

          I take it back. I wished he had picked a different angel.

          "I don't dance," commented Gabriel bluntly.

          "You do now! Go find some new clothes. I'm going to get Lyekka ready," she commanded, shoving him off.

          Gabriel vanished with a pout on his face.

          Ellie turned to me and smiled devilishly. She went to my closet and pulled out a turquoise dress. She examined it and then handed it to me along with some black heels.

          "This will be fun, Lyekka. Don't worry," she stated, putting both hands on my shoulders. "Go put those on. When you're done getting dressed I'll do your hair and makeup!"

           I nodded and obeyed her orders. I didn't want to piss her off, if you could even do that to an angel. As I slipped the dress on, I wondered what it would be like to dance with Damien. Freaking wasn't allowed at school, but people did it anyway. We would do it anyway too. Then the slow dance would be the best. I slipped my heels on and smiled to myself. My self made image of us dancing was beautiful. If only it could be real tonight.

          I exited the bathroom and smiled at Ellie. Her jaw dropped when she saw me. She looked please with herself for putting the outfit together. Then she sat me down and got to work on my hair and makeup. She told me that when Gabriel got back, he would be speechless at how beautiful I would look. I didn't want Gabriel to be speechless though. I wanted Damien to be.


          The night air swirled around Damien's head as he sat in the tree across the street from Lyekka's house. He just wanted to see how she was doing and then he'd leave.

          "Damien, when can we go?" whined Loki, playing with a leaf. "You've seen her, haven't you?"

          "Not yet. I can only see Ellie. She's doing something with Lyekka," he replied, shifting his feet.

          Loki let out a long exaggerated sigh and tossed the leaf into the air. His eyes followed it as it floated down to the ground.

          Damien jumped down lightly from the tree and headed across the street. He just needed a peak and that was it. Light footsteps followed behind him. It must have been Loki. Together, they tip-toed up to the window and peaked in. Their jaw dropped at the sight.

          Lyekka's hair had been curled and her makeup was smokey. She looked beautiful in her dress and heels. Instantly, Damien wondered where they were going. He backed away from the window and headed down the street.

          Loki followed him and kept glancing back towards the house.

          "You're one lucky demon, Damien," stated Loki, catching up to him. "If she were a demon I'd take her for myself."

          "Shut up," Damien snapped, turning the corner.

          "Where are we going?" questioned Loki, turning as well.

          "The school. I have a feeling that there is a dance tonight."

          "Oh. That would make sense."

          Damien nodded and found himself in front of the school. Tons of people were already there talking with friends or standing with dates. He felt horrible knowing that he wasn't going to be Lyekka's date tonight.

          "Let's go," he mumbled, walking back around the corner.

          "Go where?" asked Loki, following.

          "Back to your place. There's nothing else to do."

          Taking in a deep breath, the two disappeared.


          When we reached the dance, everyone was already dancing. The bodies were moving in a huge group and the freaking had already begun. Ellie pulled Gabriel and I onto the dance floor and made us dance. We had no other choice, but to obey. The music pumped and flowed through the room. I danced to the beat and found myself actually having fun. Ellie and I danced together while Gabriel barely danced. We giggled while trying to get him to dance. He finally warmed up and danced with us. It was great. I was glad that Ellie had made us go. She was an amazing dancer and so was Gabriel. I wondered if angels and demons were good at everything.

          Ellie blinded us later with pictures from my camera that she had snagged off my desk. We made silly faces and serious ones. We danced with random people that we didn't know and with people we did. We ate the food that was available to us and sang along with the music. The energy in the room was great. Everyone was having a good time. I still wished that Damien could be there, but I knew that there wasn't a chance of that happening. So I tried to put the thought away. Ellie and Gabriel deserved all my attention tonight. After all, they had sacrificed just as much as I had. Probably even more. They were stuck here on Earth with me when they could be in heaven having even more fun.

          The music then changed into slow music. Gabriel asked Ellie to dance and I stepped to the side. I watched as all the happy couples danced. It was cute to see all the cute couples dancing. Then I felt a hand take me into the crowd. I followed willingly, but I couldn't see who it was. When we got all the way to the other side of the dance floor, the guy turned around and started dancing with me. I didn't recognize the face at all. In fact, this person didn't go to our school.

           "Lyekka, you're looking beautiful tonight. It's too bad your demon couldn't make it," he sneered, pulling me around the dance floor.

          My heart jumped into my throat. This must be Drake. He had found me.

          "He had other things to do, but I can get him for you," I retorted, glaring at him.

           "Good. Then I can kill him," he jeered, smiling a frightening smile. "He probably told you about how his wings store some of his energy, but he probably didn't tell you about his true form. Without those wings, he has no chance of defeating me. He's doomed."

          I stared at him. Damien had no chance? Why didn't he say something earlier? My heart was beginning to choke me.

          "Let's go. I'm taking you to Satan," he stated, leading me back through the crowd.

         I followed him willingly. If I didn't, who knew what he would do? The thought of Damien dying was in my head now and it wouldn't leave. When we got to the door I looked behind me and caught sight of Ellie and Gabriel dancing. They were pressed close together and so were their lips.

          "Goodbye, guys. I love you," I whispered, choking out the words.

          They looked up at me with frightened expressions just as the door was closing.

The End

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