An Unexpected Visitor (Continued)Mature

          I stared at the beautiful woman in front of me. She was elegant and she seemed to be so graceful. Yet, she frightened me.

          A snarl erupted from Damien's chest and he pulled me behind his back. His muscles were taught and he was beginning to shake with anticipation.

          "Relax, Damien. I'm not going to attack you. I just want to talk to the girl," sighed the woman, stepping forward.

          Her voice sounded like a whisper in the wind. It was a soft and soothing voice.

          Damien stopped growling, but didn't relax. He kept me safely behind him while watching the woman at all times. Every little movement she made his eyes would follow, watching carefully.

          "Lyekka, I'm an angel. I'm not here to hurt you, but to inform you," she stated, smiling kindly.

          "Let's go to a cafe and talk," I suggested, carefully stepping in front of Damien.

          They both agreed to go to a nearby cafe and talk things out. Damien, kept his arm around me as we walked. The strange angel skipped along humming a beautiful tune. It sent chills down my spine making me shiver. I liked hearing her sing. It sounded like wind chimes tinkling in the wind.

          When we reached the cafe, the angel booth in the far corner. She ordered us all coffee and leaned back into the bench across from us. Her eyes weren't as like Damien's. Her eyes were gold and they seemed to shimmer in the light. My eyes traveled to her hair which was short, curly and a honey color.

          "Now, where should I start? I think I'll start with...Damien!" she chirped, smiling. "Damien we have a problem, Hun."

          "Don't call me that. And why are you talking to me? You're supposed to be talking to Lyekka," he huffed, glaring at the beautiful creature.

          "Oh fine. Lyekka, my name is Ellie. I'm sixteen just like you! I'm here to tell explain to you what's going on," she explained, sighing slightly.

          "But I already know what's going on. Damien explained it to me," I replied, looking at Damien.

          "Damien doesn't know what us angels know, and he only knows what Satan tells him."

          Damien looked shocked and slightly angry.

          The waitress came by with our coffee and smiled at Damien. He ignored her smile and wrapped his arm around me. That caused her to frown and leave. When she had left, Damien told Ellie to explain what was really going on.

          She began with what we already knew, only she explained the story in depth.

          Satan had wanted to take the soul of a fallen demon. A fallen demon was a demon that had lost his or her memory and had been sent back to earth. They were to be reborn and live their lives like humans. This particular demon was a woman named Trish. Satan had fallen in love with this demon and when he found her he wanted her back. If she died, all her memories would return to her and that's what he wanted. God had been watching Trish and he saw that she had lived a meaningful life. She had changed her demonic ways. He had a spot for her in heaven. Satan was mad when he found out that he couldn't have her back. Trish regained her memory, but didn't want to go back Satan. Of course this made Satan furious. He vowed that he would get back at God for taking his love away from him.

          "That's where you come in. You've never had any major sins in your life. You're a innocent soul and Satan thought that it would be perfect," Ellie concluded, sipping her last bit of coffee.

          I nodded. It all made sense now.


          Damien watched as Lyekka excused herself to go to the bathroom. He reluctantly took his arm from around her waist and watched her go.

          "Damien, I need to talk to you. It's urgent," stated Ellie, leaning on the table.

          "What about?" he replied, leaning back.

          "I know you love her. I see the way you look at her, but you need to stop. It's good that you're able to love again, but I don't think that she's okay for you too love," she explained, looking panicked.

          "Why? Because I'm a demon?"

          "No! Because...because she's a fallen angel, Damien."

          His face dropped. A fallen angel. No...she couldn't be...could she? It was happening again. He was falling in love with the wrong person. His heart began to beat that slow painful rhythm.

          "Remember the last time you fell in love with Angy? This may end just like that. In fact, this has a higher chance of ending like that! Look, I love you as a dear friend even though we come from opposite sides. I'm just looking out for you. I think you should consider giving up her protection to Gabriel."

          He wasn't paying attention. Give her up? Could he do it? Gabriel was a strong angel. He would be able to protect her, wouldn't he? Maybe it would be better if Ellie helped as well. He stared down at his hands and remembered what had happened to Angy.

          She had been a beautiful angel. They had fallen in love and were together secretly with the help of Gabriel and Ellie. Their love had not lasted long though. Drake found out and was disgusted with him for loving an angel. Drake had tried to kill Damien, but accidently killed Angy. It meant nothing to Drake, but Damien had been heart broken for a long time. He stayed with Angy's lost soul and wandered with her for months. Soon he was pulled back to hell to work for Satan again.

          "Ellie...if I let you guys take Lyekka...will you protect her as well?" he asked, looking up at Ellie.

          Ellie nodded and set a hand on his.

          "It's for the best, Damien. I'm sorry that it has to be this way. I know how much you love her," she stated, patting his hand. "Everything will work out. Maybe you should go and hand out with Loki. He's your good friend after all."

         "I'll spend one more night with her, but as soon as midnight comes, I'll go. I want you two there at midnight," he demanded, shaking his head. "She'll be in so much pain."

          His heart beat painfully in his chest. He deserved all the pain in the world for hurting Lyekka. He remembered Lyekka's question about how evil he was. This was going to be the answer to her question.

The End

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