An Unexpected VisitorMature

          The sunlight poured through the window and washed over my face. I kept my eyes closed and breathed in the smell of campfire again. This time it seemed to be closer and stronger. My brain was telling me to open my eyes, but I didn't want to. I wanted to stay like this forever to never have to move or face Brendon again. Unfortunately, I had to move sometime or another. My stomach was beginning to eat itself.

          I opened my eyes and blinked the blurriness away. The familiar walls of my room looked back at me. Damien must have carried me to my room when I fell asleep. Again the barrier had been broken. My head was resting on Damien's chest and my arm was draped across his stomach. His arm was around me this time, holding me to him while his head was turned the other way. My skin felt tight where the tears had dried last night and I'm sure my eyes were puffy. Damien's breathing made my head rise and fall with his chest. It was a calming movement that relaxed me at once.

          Today was Saturday. My parents were sure to be home, probably sleeping, unaware that I was laying in bed with a boy. They would hopefully remain that way until this whole situation cleared up. I didn't want them to be mixed up in this. They were innocent souls.

          I sat up and Damien's arm fell from my shoulder. My head was beginning to wander and it wandered straight to Damien. Trying to resist the urge, I turned my head away from him. The curiosity was too strong for my brain to resist. I turned back to him and put my hand to his right cheek. His cheek was warm and soft. Gently, I turned his head so that he was facing up at me. My eyes wandered over his face, examining all his features. My fingers ran through his hair and caressed his cheeks. I accidentally brushed his lips with my hand and I snapped my hand back immediately. His lips were firm, yet soft. Suddenly I couldn't stop staring at them. My mind began to picture my lips pressed against his.

          Unconsciously, I began to bend down towards him. When I realized how close we were, our noses were touching. My eyes were on his now, watching to see if his eyes would open and catch me. His eyes stayed closed and his hair tickled my forehead. My lips tingled with anticipation. I held my hair back with one hand to keep it from brushing his face. If he woke up, he would surely be mad. I pulled back so that our noses weren't touching anymore. He knew that I liked him, but kissing him when he was vulnerable would be wrong to do. I kissed his cheekbone just below his eye and let my lips linger there. Then I pulled back and watched his face. No reaction. He was definitely asleep.

          Carefully I laid back down, draping my arm over his stomach and laying my head against his chest. I closed my eyes and forced my self back to sleep. Damien would wake me up if he wanted or needed me. Right now, I wanted to enjoy this moment a while longer. It was Saturday. My day to relax.


          Damien felt the sunlight on his face, but kept his eyes closed. It was early morning, but he would wait until Lyekka wanted him up. While she was sleeping last night, he had healed her legs a little. He was tired now that some of his energy had been depleted. The more he rested, the better. His energy would return soon if he kept relaxing. Then he felt his arm fall from her as Lyekka sat up.

          He began to wonder why his arm had been around her. His brain searched the memories from last night, but none contained him wrapping his arm around her. Maybe he had fallen unconscious while trying to regain energy. Then he felt a hand against his cheek. He wondered what she was doing as he felt her lift his face upright. If he opened his eyes now, he would surely look up into her eyes. Yet as much as he wanted to, his eyes wouldn't open.

          Her hands wandered through his hair and then caressed his face. His skin began to tingle as her hand lightly touched it. Then he felt her hand brush against his lips and she pulled back quickly. He wanted to open his eyes at that instant and ask her why she pulled away. Yet, his body betrayed him and he remained still. He was suddenly glad that his body was still, because now he felt movement. Then he felt her breath close his face. Her nose was touching his now. He could tell. She stayed that way for a while and he began to wonder what she was thinking. Did she want to kiss him? His heart began to pound in his chest, threatening to break through. Her nose left his and his heart became disappointed. For the first time in centuries, his heart actually hurt.

          The beating slowed to a dull painful rhythm and he almost couldn't take it. Then he felt her lips pressed against his cheek bone just below his left eye. She lingered there for a few moments and then pulled away. The pain in his heart ceased as she laid back down against his chest. He felt his lips pull into a smile. Then he remembered what she had said at school.

          You don't like me and you probably know by now that I like you!

          Did she really like him? He wondered if she had just said that out of frustration. His brain told him that she really did like him. Why else would she kiss him on the cheek? Well what ever the reason, his heart responded to it. He wondered what was so special about this girl. Why did she make him feel so protective over her? Why did she make his heart pound like a jack hammer in his chest? All these feelings with no answers, except one.

          He loved her.

          No. It wasn't possible. Demons could never fall in love with a human. It went against everything he had ever learned. Yet that seemed to be the reason behind his behavior. He loved her and he wasn't scared of it. Opening his eyes, he realized that he was accepting it. He stared at her head resting on his chest. Yes, she was the reason his heart fluttered like never before.

          "I love you, Lyekka," he whispered, kissing the top of her head. "It's not best for you, so I won't tell you. There's no need for more heart break."


          This time I woke up to my mother.

          "Lyekka, Damien's here," she said, excitedly. "He says that he wants to take you somewhere."

          I blinked. Damien had gotten up without me knowing. Instantly, I began to wonder what he was up to.

          My mom helped me get ready and then I was down the hall in a matter of minutes. My heart raced in my chest. What did he have planned?

          "Hey, Lyekka. I'm treating you to a surprise today," stated Damien, smiling.

          He had changed clothes again. I wondered where he got the extra clothes.

          "Well, you two have fun!" exclaimed my mother, rushing us out the door.

          I looked up at Damien and smiled.

          "Where are we going?" I asked, buttoning up my jacket.

          "If I told you, then it wouldn't be a surprise," he replied, smirking.

          I stuck my tongue out at him and crossed my arms.

          He chuckled and pushed my chair down the street. He seemed to be enjoying himself by teasing me. Every now and then he would pick on what I was wearing or how I looked.

          I didn't take it to heart. I knew that he was kidding. Although he could be telling the truth. Demons were tricky after all. I didn't let it get to me though. If I did it would ruin our day. I couldn't let that happen. I wanted to enjoy spending time with Damien, not hate it.

          "There it is," he huffed, breathing heavily. "Surprise!"

          My mouth fell open. There in front of us was a carnival. People were laughing and walking around with large cotton candy clouds. My stomach growled at the sight of the pink fluff. Then the rides caught my eye. Suddenly, the mood went down.

          "I can't ride any of the rides," I muttered, staring down at my legs.

          "That's where we come to a decision," he replied, kneeling down to my level. "I can heal your legs completely and take you to the hospital down the street so your casts can come off. I already made the appointment and I told your parents that the doctor made a mistake. I said that you had only fractured your legs a little bit. If I do that for you, you have to promise to be happy today. Okay?"

          I smiled widely and hugged him tightly.

          "Thank you so much!"

          "No problem. Just, let go. You're hurting me."

          I released my grip on him and giggled as he wheeled me to an empty park bench. For a moment I thought he was kidding, but then I felt an odd sensation through my legs. He reached out and gripped my casts. Energy seemed to flow through my bones and I could feel an uncomfortable pain in my legs. I could actually feel them healing. Soon it was all over and they were healed.

          He let out a huge sigh and then got up. Taking the handles of the chair in each hand, he began to wheel me to the hospital. Everything went by quickly. The doctors were different ones this time and they asked no questions. Apparently, I had been in the casts for months. I assumed that was Damien's doing. Then they made me walk for a bit before letting me out.

           It was great to be able to walk again. I felt so much better now that people didn't have to wheel me places. Damien pretended to be annoyed of my happiness, but I could tell that he was happy for me. I repeatedly hugged and thanked him.

          The first thing we did when we got back to the carnival was get cotton candy. The sweet fluff melted in my mouth as we walked around looking at game booths and rides. We rode a few roller coasters, even though Damien wasn't scared of any of them. I felt like a little kid again. This was the best day of my life and I could say that seriously without hesitation. No other day compared to this one.

          The day seemed to pass by quickly. I was sad when the announcement came that the carnival was almost over. There was one last ride that I wanted to go on. Usually, I never went on it, because it was a ride that you needed someone to go with you. I wondered if Damien would want to go.

          "Damien, can we go on the Ferris wheel?" I asked, smiling sweetly. "I've never been on it before."

          "Sure. Let's go," he replied, shrugging.

          I smiled and lead him through the crowd towards the ride. There was barely any people in line, so the time went by quickly. As we were loaded onto the ride, I began to get butterflies in my stomach. This was going to be great. I loved rides that took me high into the air. It made me feel as if I could see the whole world.

          The ride jerked into motion and we were going up into the night air. I was glad that I had brought a jacket. The cold wind whipped at my cheeks, making them flushed.

          "Are you cold?" Damien asked, looking down at me.

          "Just my face, but it's no big deal," I replied, looking down at the people. "Isn't this amazing? It's like being able to see the whole world. I bet this is what God sees."

          "It's probably close to what he sees. I'm glad your keeping your part of the promise," he commented, smiling slightly at my happiness.

          I turned around to face him and smiled. He had his arm draped casually over the back of my seat. He was wearing a cozy jacket and a thermal shirt. His face didn't seem to be affected by the cold. The lights attached to the ride seemed to make his eyes glow. I became embarrassed and looked away. Why did he have to be so good looking? It made it harder to try and not want him.

          "You can sit closer to me. It's not like I bite you know."

          "How am I supposed to know that? After all, you take souls."

          He chuckled and pulled me closer.

          I leaned against him and relaxed. This seemed so natural and right. Moments like this shouldn't have to end. They should get to live on forever. We sat in silence as the ride took us around and around. Damien's breathing was rhythmic and it felt so right against my back. I absently grabbed his hand that wasn't draped over my seat. A small smile came to my lips as he played with my fingers. Maybe he was doing it out of pure boredom, but it made me feel happy.

          Soon the ride came to a stop. We were three slots from the top of the ride. We had a while to go to get back down. We sighed together. Then we heard chanting from down below and from the other people on the ride.

          "KISS! KISS! KISS! KISS!"

          We both followed the crowd's gaze to the very top cart. The couple that was there were now kissing. It made me smile to watch them be so happy. Then the wheel rotated and the next cart was up. The crowd picked up the chanting again. Suddenly, I wasn't smiling anymore. I didn't know that kissing on the very top of the ride was a tradition.

          The cart above us was talking frantically. They didn't seem to want to kiss. I heard few words, but I caught the meaning. The man had mentioned that if they didn't kiss then they'd get booed by the crowd. It wouldn't stop there apparently. They would boo until they left the carnival. I didn't want that to happen.

          The wheel rotated again and the cart above us panicked as the chanting started up. The man took the girl's hand and whispered that it wouldn't change anything in their relationship. Then he kissed her gently on the lips. Just a peck nothing more. The girl didn't seem to mind anymore. She kissed him back. Again it turned into a make out session. I looked away and thought about what I would do. If I made the move and Damien didn't want to, then everyone would see. No, I wouldn't make the move. Damien would have to.

          A few minutes passed and then the wheel turned once more. This time we were at the top. I turned to Damien and panicked.

          "Damien, I'm sorry. I didn't know that they did this as a tradition. I usually left the park too early before this started," I stated frantically.

          He looked down at the chanting crowd and then back at me.

          "It's fine," he replied, and then he said something else.

          "What?" I shouted, trying to hear him.

          The crowd's chanting was louder than before. They must have really wanted us to kiss. It seemed like all the voices in the universe were screaming at us to do this.

          Damien's expression changed from indifferent to longing. He put his rested hand on my back and leaned forward slowly. His lips were slightly parted.

          I watched as he got so close our noses were touching like earlier this morning. My eyes stared into his and my lips parted themselves. Then I closed my eyes just as he leaned in and pressed his lips to mine. His lips were firm against mine yet so soft at the same time. He intertwined his tongue with mine as my heart pounded quickly in my chest. My body seemed to know what to do, because I sure didn't.

          He released his hand that was holding mine and he pressed it to my cheek. He mouth seemed to be eager for more and I couldn't help but give it to him. My arms wrapped themselves around his neck and locked in place. His hand on my back pressed me closer to him. Finally he ended the kiss by pulling away slightly and giving me a small peck on the lips.

         "I didn't know that this would happen, but I'm glad that it did," he replied, touching a finger to my lips. "I don't think it's good for you to be with me."

          "I don't care. All I want is to be with you," I replied smiling.

          The ride came to a stop and we were let out of the cart. Damien took my hand in his and pushed passed the cheering people. He smiled and nodded his head at them and then walked me up the street towards home.

          "Do you really accept me for who I am?"

          "I don't fear you, Damien. I know that I should be scared by you, but I'm not anymore."

          He was silent for a while longer. He seemed to be thinking. There was something he wanted to say, but he seemed to be scared to say it. Then he stopped walking and turned to me.

          "I love you."

          A smile came to my lips and it stayed there.

          "I guess normal girls would be freaked out by that, but I'm not. I feel like I've known you forever. I love you, too, Damien."

          He scooped me up in his arms and pressed his lips to mine. We were so focused on each other, that we didn't hear the approaching woman.

          "That's what I was afraid of."

The End

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