Challenges (Continued)Mature

          The rest of the day went by smoothly. Damien laid off of teasing me and just stuck with helping me around the school. Girls flirted him left and right through-out the day, but he just ignored them. That made me happy to see the popular girls get rejected for once.

          Now we were on our way home. I still wasn't used to saying that. It was odd to think that we were actually living together, secretly. I watched the pavement roll by as Damien pushed my chair.

          "Hey, Lyekka," said someone, standing in front of my chair.

          Damien stopped walking and just stood behind me.

          I looked up and realized that it was Brendon. My heart skipped a beat. What did he want?

          "How are you?" he asked, smiling awkwardly.

          "I'm okay," I answered, blushing slightly.

          "I was just wondering if you got hit by that car because of me," he stated slowly, rocking back on his heels.

          "What?" I questioned, staring at him in disbelief.

          "I mean...did you try and kill yourself because I rejected you?" he rephrased, scratching his head.

          My mind froze along with my mouth. I opened my mouth to say something, but nothing came out. Shutting my mouth, I stared down at my hands in my lap. I could feel my heart ripping apart. Something needed to stop it, but what? I clenched my fist to my chest to try and ease the pain.

          "She didn't try to kill herself. I was there," snapped Damien, stepping to my side. "Why would she kill herself over you?"

          Brendon looked at Damien in disbelief.

          The tearing in my heart ceased. There were only a few strands holding it together now. The pain was intense, but Damien's words were helping the pain go away. I looked up to watch the confrontation.

          "Look, buddy. I was talking to Lyekka, so butt out," replied Brendon, glaring at him.

          "Make me," retorted Damien, stepping in front of my chair. "You think that you're some gift to women and that they'd kill themselves over you, but you're wrong. You're nothing. Lyekka doesn't need you to make her happy. Fuck off."

          Brendon hesitated for a moment. He looked like he wanted to punch Damien, but he was too scared. There was an unsureness about him. Maybe he wasn't sure if he could win the fight once it started. What ever the reason, he flipped Damien off and walked past me.

          Damien snorted and muttered profanity. Then he went back to pushing my chair. He was silent the rest of the way home. He seemed to be hurrying this time. The ground whizzed by faster than before.

          My fist was still clenched to my chest and the pain had not yet gone away. There was an uncomfortable throbbing that made me cringe in pain. I wanted to cry, but I needed to be stronger than that. I was always crying for some stupid reason and it needed to end now.

          Soon we reached home and Damien wheeled me straight to the kitchen. He left me at the table and went about trying to make me something to eat. Turning around constantly, he looked back at me and asked what I wanted. I didn't answer. My mouth was still not obeying orders. Then he set a bowl of cookie dough ice cream in front of me. It was as if that was the key to unlock my troubled mind.

          "Cookie cream?" I muttered, touching the bowl.

          There was a whole pint of ice cream it seemed. He had put it in a huge mixing bowl with two spoons stabbing the ice cream. He gabbed the bowl and set it in my lap. Then he pulled my chair into the living room and turned on the T.V. He set the ice cream bowl on one side of the couch and then set me on the other.

          I watched as I looked through our DVD collections and picked one out. Then he put it in and sat back on the couch with me and held the ice cream. Sighing, he set the bowl back on my lap and turned on the movie. My brain was working now and I pieced everything together. He was trying to help me get over Brendon. Shifting to get more comfortable, I tugged on his shirt.

          "Thank you, for standing up for me," I commented, smiling widely. "And thank you for this."

          He looked taken aback by my actions. Then he smiled slightly and brushed his hand across my cheek.

          "You're welcome. Don't cry though. He's not worth the tears," he stated, setting his hand on top of my head. "If you really want to cry, you should cry because you didn't punch him."

          We spent the rest of the time eating ice cream and watching the movie. The strings that were holding my heart were starting to pull together. My heart was healing and Damien was the cause of it all. There would be times when I couldn't resist the urge to cry and Damien would pause the movie. He let me cry into his chest and hug him. His arms would squeeze me reassuringly and my heart would heal a little more. Once my heart healed, I knew it would be fragil still. There was no doubt in my mind about it. I would just need to protect my heart as much as possible.

The End

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