Accommodations (Continued)Mature

          "Freedom!" I yelled at the top of my lungs.

          I was finally being released from the hospital. My ribs had healed mysteriously thanks to Damien and I could leave the hospital. My legs, however he did not heal. I was stuck in a wheel chair and it sucked. Of course my parents were just grateful to have me out and home. Unfortunately, the hospital bill was ridiculous so they had to work more than usual to pay it off. I would be left to fend for myself at home...or so they thought. Damien would be there of course.

          "Honey, don't be rude! These nurses work hard to help people like you! Now thank the kind man!" demanded my mother, watching the nurse lift me into the car.

          My dad gave me a stern look as he folded the wheelchair and set it in the back of the car.

          "Thank you, sir, for helping me," I commented, smiling polietly.

          The man looked at me and then walked away.

          I watched him go with my mouth agape.

          "How rude! Did you see that?" I snapped, putting on my seatbelt as my mom shut the door. "He totally ignored me! Ha! I shouldn't have even said thanks."

          My mother rolled her eyes and got in the car. She waited for my dad and then started the car. As my father got in, he laughed at me and my temper with the nurse.

          I listened to the radio and stared out the window the rest of the way home. Damien was sure to be there in my room already. That little fact scared me. Boys weren't allowed in my room. I'm pretty sure demon boys counted as well. There would be hell to pay if my parents found out. I smiled to myself for the unintented pun.

          When we reached home, my parents helped me get out of the car and into my wheel chair. They got me into the house and told me to be careful while they were at work. I nodded and said yes like a good child. Then they were off for work.

          "How touching," commented Damien, walking out from the hall way. "Your room is clean now, by the way."

          "You cleaned my room? Maybe living with you won't be so bad," I stated, wheeling my chair down the hall.

          "Just try to keep your bras and such in the laundry basket or at least hidden," he mentioned, taking the handles of my chair. "Remember, I live here now."

          I looked up at him in horror.

          "You looked at my underwear? How could you?" I cried, hitting his chest. "Boys shouldn't do that!"

          "So? I probably would've seen them anyway, but not on the floor," he teased opening my bedroom door for me.


          He chuckled as he wheeled me into the room.

          It was clean. Nothing was on the floor and everything was neatly stacked on the desks and books were put away. I hadn't seen my room like this since I first moved here and even then it wasn't this clean. My bed was even made. It looked like something out of a department store catalog. I wheeled myself over to the closet and found that everything was hund up neatly or folded properly.

          " are amazing. Thank you!" I exclaimed, wheeling myself over to my bed.

          Damien just nodded and lifted me on to my bed. He sat down in my clothing-free desk chair and watched me. He looked nervous and slightly anxeious.

          "So..." he said, trailing off.

          "You don't normally hang out with humans like me, do you?" I stated, smirking at his awkwardness.

          He shook his head and looked away towards the window.

          "Where are you going to sleep?" I questioned, laying down.

          "In here. Where else would I sleep?"

          "I meant, where in here."

          He examined the room. He turned slowly in a circle looking for someplace to sleep. When he got back to me he lifted the right corner of his lip into a half-smile.

          "Well I guess I'm going to sleep in your bed."

          "Ha! You wish! You're sleeping under the bed."

          "That's a little harsh after all I've done for you."

          "You were going to drag me to hell! That's more harsh than making you sleep under the bed!"

          "How about I make you an offer. A compromise if you will."

          "What's the offer?"

          Damien smiled knowing that he had peaked my interest. He told me that he would heal my legs in return for not having to sleep on the floor. He explained that he would have to heal them little by little so the doctors wouldn't suspect anything. Two minutes each day would save me months of physical therapy and such later.

          I thought about it for a moment. True, I didn't want to be stuck in this wheel chair for months, but I also didn't want to have a boy sleep in my bed. That went against everything I believed. I sat up and stared at the size of my bed. It was big enough where we could make a pillow boundary. My insides bubbled as I turned back to him with my answer.

          "Fine, but you better heal me good," I threatened, laying back down. "I get the side by the wall. That way if someone comes in to kill me you'll be closest to the murderer."

          Damien laughed and walked over to the bed. He gently pushed me over and laid down next to me. He put a pillow between our sides and looked over at me to smile reassuringly.

          My eyelids became heavy. I was starting to become tired. The sun was setting outside my window and it cast an orange light into my room, making my walls glow. It's light caught in Damien's eyes making them seem almost brighter than normal. They shone white and it made me unable to look away. As I stared into his eyes I wondered if he really wanted to protect me or really wanted an excuse to kill his rival.


          Damien watched as Lyekka drifted off to sleep. He waited for a moment to make sure she was deeply asleep before he got up. He walked over to the window and stared at the sun. This was lunacy. Living in a home with a human was the most unfathomable thing to demon-kind. They would never accept him back into their world. If he ever stood a chance at getting back into that world. He had betrayed Satan and worst of all, he had lost to Drake. A snarl erupted from his chest as he tried to control his anger.

          He glanced back at Lyekka and saw that she was still asleep. He sighed and walked back to the bed to lie down. As he laid there with her, he watched her sleep. Her breathing normal and calm. She was as innocent as she had been back at the hospital. Her smooth face was framed by her wispy hair. He smiled slightly to himself. He wouldn't sleep all the way. He would keep his mind open to detect any threats of him being found or threats for Lyekka. He closed his eyes. Today was the last day he had to turn Lyekka in. As soon as that sun set, Drake would search for him and find him. When he did, Damien would kill him.

The End

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