Meeting an AngelMature

          "Okay, let me get this straight," I stated, sitting up. "I was supposed to die and be sent to hell? Why? Did I do something wrong in my life?"

          "No, you didn't do anything wrong. Satan was just trying to get back at God for taking some woman. It's a long story. One of which we don't have time for," he stated, sitting down in a chair next to my bed. "Do you have any other questions?"

          "What's your name?" I asked, leaning forward slightly with interest.

          "Damien," he answered, looking confused.

          "What does your name mean?"

          "It means 'to tame'. We have little time. Why are you asking unimportant questions like these?" he asked, standing up.

          "They aren't unimportant! You're just as important as anything right now! Now, why did you let me live?"

          He stared at me with an awed expression on his face. He opened his mouth to say something, but closed it immediately. He turned and hurried towards the window. As he opened it, he looked over his shoulder at me and smirked.

          "I can't answer your last question at this time. Maybe another time," he replied finally.

          He turned back towards the window and jumped out. He shut the window and disappeared.

          I wondered why he wouldn't just tell me. Maybe it was some complicated situation that would take up too much time. Pursing my lips together, I thought about what the reasons for this could be.

          "Lyekka?" called out my mother.

          I turned my head towards the noise and smiled brightly. There stood my two parents. They came over to me and gently hugged me. It was great to finally be with my parents after this ordeal. When they pulled away they asked me questions about the accident and explained to me what happened.


          Outside Lyekka's hospital window, Damien stood watching. His expression was blank. Why had he saved her? He didn't know. That was why he didn't tell her. He sighed and watched as Lyekka hugged her parents and talked to them. The scars on his back began to burn. Swearing he grimaced in pain. Suddenly, he wanted his wings back. They were the source of most of his powers and without his wings he would be slightly weaker. His goal was to become the most powerful demon in hell. He looked back at Lyekka and wondered why he had given up that power for her.

          "Saving a human soul from hell? Damien, I'm shocked. I didn't think that you would do such a thing," gloated a deep voice. "I guess you'll never become more powerful than me now."

          "Piss off, Drake. You have no business being here," snapped Damien, turning to face him.

          "Oh really? Well I have every right to be here. I have a little...appointment with your girl here," Drake stated, landing gracefully next to him. "I don't know how you survive without your wings, Damien."

          Damien glared at Drake. He wanted to kill him. They had never been friends. They were always trying to be better than each other. They would never be friends because demons had no need for them.

           "Listen, Satan told me to tell you he would return your wings," commented Drake, touching the petal of a nearby flower. "If you take the girl to him."

          The flower was a white and pink gerbera daisy. It was just blooming and was full of life.

          Damien thought about it. Should he take Lyekka to Satan? She was just a human after all. Humans died everyday. Sure the other humans would mourn her death, but what of it? People mourned everyday. Then he remembered what Lyekka had said.

         "You're just as important as anything right now!..."

          He looked back into the room and saw Lyekka smiling and laughing with her parents. Was he really important to her? He had almost killed her and hadn't had the guts to go through with it. He had taken millions of lives before. It wasn't clear as to why he couldn't do it now.

          "No," he finally replied.

          "No? You are as weak as I thought you were. I guess that leaves me to be the most powerful demon," scoffed Drake, setting the dainty flower on fire. "Really, Damien. I had no clue you were such a pussy."

          "Shut up, you bastard! At least I'm not the one delivering messages like a bitch," snapped Damien, sneering. "I'm still more powerful than you even without my wings."

          Drake became furious. His eyes turned red and his muscles began to grow.

          "You're lucky Satan doesn't want me to kill you yet. You have three days to decide, Damien. After that, I'll kill you."

          "You can try."

          Drake turned and disappeared into the night air, leaving behind the burned flower.

          Damien sighed and continued to watch Lyekka and her family. He leaned against the window and put his hands in his pockets. Then he realized, the paper he was expecting to touch wasn't there. He looked up at Lyekka and saw that her parents were leaving, but they were handing her the sketchbook and colored pencils she had dropped. He began to panic. The drawing that he drew when she was sleeping was still in the sketchbook. She would surely see it. He opened the window and stepped back into the room.

The End

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