Flirting with DeathMature

It's just something that kind of came to my mind just now. I'm sorry if it's not that good. I'm not exactly an experienced writer. I just like to write to get my imagination out. Haha Let me know what you think.

          The smell of wet concrete filled the air. The chirping that usually fluttered through the air, was silent. The sun was retreating behind the horizon and dark clouds loomed over the Earth. The rain drizzled down without pausing and the cars that zoomed past had their windshield wipers running.

          I wished that I was in a car, but both of my parents were working. It was my fault for being out in the rain anyway. I had decided to go to the art store at this time of night. It was almost eight o'clock. Sighing, I held the collar of my jacket tighter to prevent my body heat from escaping into the night air. As I walked, the memory from the morning replayed in my head.

         "H-hey, Brendon. I was w-wondering if y-y-you out w-with me," I stuttered, smiling a small smile.

          "Go out with you? I don't think so. Sorry," he replied, turning away from me.

          "Did you really think you had a chance with Brendon? How pathetic! You should just stop trying, Lyekka," snickered Veronica, shoving me aside to follow Brendon.

          I shuddered at the memory and held my bag closer to me. I came to a cross walk and pressed the button. As I waited for the lighted man to pop up, I felt an odd chill run down my back. It wasn't from the cold though. It felt like the kind of chill you get in a haunted house. I glanced around and saw that no one was out. I turned back to the light and saw it was time for me to cross. Glancing both ways, I stepped into the street keeping my head down to avoid the rain getting in my face and walked.

          "Watch out!" someone yelled.

          I looked up to find a car speeding towards me. As it hit me, I slammed on top of the hood and I felt my legs crunch underneath me. The cars breaks finally kicked in and I flew off the car hood and onto the street. I could barely breath and the smell of blood filled my nose. I couldn't move my head, but I felt the cold hard ground pressed against my cheek. People started to gather around me and talk in furious voices. That's when I saw a boy standing to the side. He was looking directly at me and I locked eyes with him. When I did, everything went black.

          I opened my eyes and there was nothing but darkness in every direction. Only one light came from above and it wasn't much. I called out for my parents, but there was no reply. Only my own voice repeated my call back to me. The nothingness seemed to swallow up my voice and carry it away to somewhere unknown. Then, out of the darkness, came the boy who I saw earlier.

           "Who are you?" I asked, backing up a step.

           "I am the angel of death. I'm here to take you away now," he stated, holding out his hand.

          I stared at him. I was dead? Then this must be the void between life and death. I stepped forward to take his hand and I saw his dark wings. Didn't angles have white wings? He was the angle of death though. It was only proper that he have dark wings. I took his hand.

          "You're willing to come along so easily?" he questioned, looking surprised.

          "Well, I don't really have anything for me back on Earth. I do love my parents and everything, but I don't want to make any deals with the devil so to speak. I'm just going to accept that I've died," I replied, giving him a weak smile.

          He dropped my hand and looked flustered. He put his hand to the back of his head and turned away from me. He walked back the way he came and was swallowed by the darkness.

          I slowly opened my eyes and couldn't see much. Everything was blurry and my head pounded. After I blinked my eyes a couple of times, things became clear. The sounds of the soft beeping of machines filled my ears. An I.V was in my right arm and my legs were in casts. My stomach was bandaged up and so was my head. I looked around the room and saw that no one was in it. Just some empty hospital beds and boxes of gloves. I took a deep breath and found that it hurt. Some of my ribs must have gotten broken. Sighing, I pressed the nurse buzzer.

          "Yes?" asked a blond lady, walking into the room.

          "Do you happen to know where my parents are?" I asked, grimacing as the pounding in my head worsened.

          "They are down in the cafeteria I believe. Would you like to see them?" she asked, smiling.

          I nodded slightly, trying not to cause my self any more pain. Then I watched her leave the room.

          "You look like shit," commented a familiar voice.

          I turned my head slowly towards the voice and saw that the voice belonged to the boy from earlier.

          " are you here? Aren't you an angel of death?" I asked, sarcastically.

          "Yes, but Satan got pretty pissed when I couldn't take you back to him. He ripped my wings off," he explained, turning to lift the back of his shirt.

          Two long fresh pink scars marred his back.

          I gasped and squeezed my eyes shut in pain.

The End

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