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“Yeah. I got it.” I stuttered out embarrassedly. I looked at my mom, whose face wasn’t surprised anymore, but normal with an edge that said she was proud of me.

She smiled at me in that way too and put her hand on Dad, saying, “Come on honey. Let’s leave them alone.” She gave me that look again, smiling like she was picturing us wanting to make out on the couch or something. I mentally rolled my eyes.

“Uh, no. We’re going out.” I said, slightly pointing to the door.

“Oh okay. Be home by curfew.” Mom said, smiling again.

“By curfew.” Dad said, his voice like a warning as he looked at me, and then a little more severely at Connelly.

“Yes, daddy.” I said. After that, Dad let Mom pull him into the kitchen. As soon as they were out of sight, I looked at Connelly and he smiled. Then he grabbed my hand and we ran out the door to his, Mustang? At the sight of the car, I slowed my steps, not believing my eyes.

“What?” he asked, looking back at me.

“A Mustang?” I gulped, my eyes wide and a smile spreading from ear-to-ear.

He smiled. “Yeah, newest model.” he said. “Want a ride?” he asked, looking at me.

I smiled and laughed, not being able to say anything, and ran to the beautiful red car with white racing stripes. I ran my hand along the car to the door and I started shaking as I slid in. Connelly was sitting beside me and when I looked at him, I saw that he was shaking worse than ever.

“Uh, Connelly? Are you okay?” I asked, putting a hand on his.

He looked at me and smiled. “You have no idea what this day has done to me. And I haven’t even done anything yet!” he said as we pulled out and shot down the road. “I have never felt like this before, Kota. This exhilarating excitement I’m feeling is so — You know, I can’t even explain it.” he said, looking at me.

“No, but I understand.” I said, taking his hand in mine, which was vibrating.

“You do? But you’re not shaking.” he said.

“No, but I guess it’s either because I have more experience with it or it could be because I’ve been feeling like this since four o’clock and my violent shakes stopped a little while ago.” I said, smiling at him. He smiled back and it seemed to be hard for him to look back at the road.

We drove with the radio on, singing all the songs we knew, but not really talking. I guess we were just too excited to talk right then. The drive was a long one, and as we drove, Connelly’s shaking subsided until he was almost completely back to normal. But then we finally arrived at a beautiful patch of woods.

Connelly stopped the car a little ways in the trees so the car was hidden from the road. I looked around as we got out, up at the trees and smiled. This was awesome. I loved the woods.

“You like it so far?” he asked, at my side and holding my hand.

“I love it.” I said, looking at him and he smiled.

“Good, because our destination is just a little ways ahead.” he said and with that, we were off. As we walked, it seemed that he just couldn’t keep his hands off me. He kept switching between holding onto my waist and holding my hand, and sometimes even doing both. I guess he was really excited about today.

“So, how are your guests?” I asked.

“Who?” he asked.

“The ones who came over who weren’t like you?” I reminded him.

“Oh.” he said, looking down at our feet. “They’re fine. They were traveling through, on their way back to Canada, and smelled us out. They visited us for a while and then left.”

“Did” — I gulped a little—“Did they eat while they were here?” I asked, a little scared of the answer.

“No, they didn’t. We told them the way we lived and they seemed a little blown away by the idea.” he said.

“Were they nice?” I asked.

“Yes. They were a family, and the parents said that they would try it our way when they got home because they felt the way they were doing it felt wrong.” he said and smiled at me.

“That’s great.” I said and squeezed his waist. Then we were quiet for a while. I looked down around us. We were still walking slowly towards the secret place we were going to kiss at. I almost sighed from the desperation of wanting to be there already. I had gotten up at four o’clock in the morning from the excitement of it and had been waiting all day. I was done waiting and wanted to be there right now. Then it occurred to me that we could.

“So,” I said.

“So,” he said.

“If you’re a vampire like you claim to be,” He gave me a look at this and I smiled, “then you could get us there at superhuman speed.” I said.

“Yes, I could.” he said.

“Then what’s stopping you?” I asked.

“Because I want to spend as much time with you as I can.” he said and I squeezed his hand.

“But if we get there earlier, then you can spend as much time kissing me as you can.” I said and he looked at me. I smiled temptingly and an eager look came into his eyes.

I had him. He was hooked.

“Okay.” he said, looking around and wiping his hand on his pants. I jumped a little, just as eager as him.

“Now this might be a little scary. You realize that.” he said, looking at me.

“What do you take me for, a scaredy cat?” I said, taking his hands and coming to him.

“Of course not.” he said, a knowing smile on his face. I looked at him and then he picked me up in his arms. “Okay, now you might want to shade your eyes from the wind.” he said.

“What wind?” I asked, but a minute later I knew what he meant. We were moving at what seemed to be the speed of light. Trees passed us dangerously close and we soared over several fallen trees and then this huge one I had been sure that he couldn’t get over. But as we were bolting towards it, Connelly bent down and we were suddenly soaring through the air above the trees. I screamed a little and looked up at his smiling face.

“What did you say? I believe it was the words ‘scaredy cat’.” he said and laughed.

“Am not.” I said.

The End

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