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I opened the door and saw that behind my hanging clothes, there was the gym, complete with dancing couples who proceeded to swirl passed me into my room. Again, not being angry or scared, I wore a confused look and picked out my clothes. I set them on my bed and was finally showing the appropriate emotion when I saw Connelly lying on my bed on his side, with none other than Cindy Heppner! The girl that Dale had as a dancing partner! She had her grubby, skeleton hands on his face, looking at me gloatingly.

I stared at them, surprised at Connelly for this betrayal, and was both outraged and shocked at Cindy for this. Then she gave me a disgusting, trying to be sexy, slimy smile and kissed Connelly.

At that exact moment, I bolted upright in my bed. It was six-thirty, still very early, especially for a Saturday. I felt my face burning from the anger I was undergoing in the dream and immediately went to the sink and splashed my face with water. I looked at myself in the mirror, resting my arms on the counter and sighed.

My eyes were wide open and I knew that after that dream, I couldn’t go back to sleep, so I just went ahead and got ready. It was between seven-thirty and eight o’clock by the time I was finally done and was back to my very happy and excited mood.

Saturday. I thought. In a few hours, I’ll be kissing Connelly. I thought and smiled, my cheeks turning extremely red, my blush helping it.

And a few hours after that, you’ll be meeting the family. Ivan’s voice said.

“I don’t need reminding.” I said, picking up my makeup and putting it in its bag.

You sound and feel like you’re dreading it. Ivan said.

“Well, what if I mess up? Be stupid and make a fool of myself? I don’t want your family to think I’m some kind of blonde ditz or something.” I said worriedly.

You won’t. he said.

“How do you know? Can you see the future now too?” I said.

No, but I know that you will do fine. he said.

“How do you know?” I asked, nervous, scared, and pleading.

I just do. I promise. he said. Besides, it’s not like it will be a surprise to them, seeing you. They’ve been waiting for a week now.

“Wow. No pressure right? Now all I have to worry about is not letting them down on the image of me they’ve already built up in their minds.” I said.

Stop being negative. It’ll only make you even more nervous later. he commanded.

I sat on the bed and looked down, fidgeting with my fingers like a child getting in trouble. “Fine. And do you perhaps know what time Connelly’s coming over? He didn’t tell me.” I said.

About eight, nine, ten o’clock. He says he’s not sure. he said.

“And what about this place? Are there any hints that I get? Any questions I’m allowed to ask?” I asked.

Depends. he said.

“Okay then, how long will it take to get there?”

A while.

“How long is that?”

A while.

“Okay,” like that helps at all, I thought, (Ivan laughed) “Is there any clothing suggestions? Anything particular I should wear?”

Well, I can’t predict the future, as previously noted, but it should be pretty nice. Sunny, nice breeze, a perfect beginning-of-fall day. But just in case the weather reporters are wrong, bring a light jacket. Oh! And don’t wear high heels, or any heels for that matter.

“Oh really?” I said.

Yeah. I’d lean more toward something relative to hiking boots or just boots in general. he said.

“Do tennis shoes pass?”


“One more question.” I said.


“What do I do until then?” I asked.

Entertain yourself. he said.

“You mean you’re not going to stay with me until then?” I asked, smiling.

I’m afraid not. Unlike you, I actually have stuff to do. Ivan said and I could hear a smile in his voice.

“Fine. Just leave me to fend for myself for two or three hours.” I said.

I don’t think you’re in too much danger in your own house. he said and laughed as his voice faded. I smiled as his last laugh echoed in my mind. Then I stood and proceeded to, as Ivan put it, entertain myself until eight, nine, or ten o’clock.


I sat in the living room, watching “Fools Gold” with Matthew Machonahay, Kate Hudson, and Donald Sutherland, drooling over Matthew.

When the doorbell rang. I stopped chewing the chocolate chip cookie in my mouth and stared at the door.

I checked the time on the TV and then looked back at the door. Then when there was suddenly a knock, I jumped up, sliding in front of the door and swinging it open.

Connelly was standing there, looking like an angel from heaven. When he saw me, half eaten cookie in hand and fully dressed right down to the tennis shoes, he smiled hugely. Then, in one quick motion, he stepped over the threshold and grabbed me into a hug. But then, because he rushed at me like a mad man, I lost my balance and since we were entangled, we both fell onto the stairs, but thankfully Connelly caught me before I broke my back.

“Oops.” he said, smiling and laughing a little as he held me an inch away from the stairs with one hand while the other was on the stairs supporting us.

“A little excited are we?” I said, smiling at him. He chuckled a little and nodded. Our faces were centimeters apart and I was staring up at him as he stared at me like he’d never done before.

There was something different about him today. He seemed so much more, the only word I could think of was, a real teenage guy. He had started looking like this when he finally hugged me, I just now realized that when he started hugging me, he started getting closer to me more and more. But now, now he was glowing like a light bulb and I could feel the energy emanating from him.

I smile and batted my eyelashes, trying to give him the sexiest look I could. He raised his eyebrows once and then smiled, like that was just the invitation he was waiting for. He leaned down and was just brushing my lips with his when he suddenly jerked up, bringing me with him and putting me on my feet.

I looked at him confusedly. He nodded in the direction of the living room, looking slightly down and rubbing his nose and when I followed his direction, I saw my parents standing right in front of us, their eyes wide. We all just stared at each other for a minute, none of us talking, until my dad said, “I—I heard the doorbell ring and… But I guess you got it.”

I was mortified. I could not believe my parents walked in on us just about to kiss. Then my mind thought about how horrible it would have been if something had gone wrong with the kiss and they saw what Connelly was. I looked at Connelly and he looked just as embarrassed as me, but it seemed that this situation didn’t take away from all the excitement and energy he was apparently still feeling because he wouldn’t stop moving his fingers. He almost seemed to be shaking all over.

The End

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