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I rolled my eyes, but had to remind myself it was in my favor too. It wasn’t just me that was going to have a little bit of a hard time with this, but I still didn’t like it. “Fine.” I grumbled. He laughed at my grudging expression and shook my waist.

“Don’t worry Kota. It’ll be fine.” he said, leaning over to say it close to my ear. I instantly got chills all over. We were at the doors now and he opened them for us. I smiled at him and then went in, quickly followed by him because he didn’t let go of my waist.

“I’ve got to go, but I’ll see you in history.” he said, hugged me, and then ran off.

“Hey Kota.” said Sue as she walked up to us, looking after Connelly and then to me. She smiled excitedly.

“So, I see you two have gotten closer.” she said.

“Yeah, and he’s taking me somewhere Saturday.” I said. I had almost not told her, but then remembered that it was part of the plan for me to tell her and Connelly to tell Ivan so if anything did happen, someone would know something was wrong.

“Really? Where? A restaurant?” she asked, taking in a big breath and putting her hand over her mouth.

“No, just somewhere we can be alone.” I said and we both grinned and giggled excitedly as we walked to my locker.

“So, how are you and Ivan? I haven’t heard about you two for a while.” I said, getting my things out of my bag and then stuffing it in the locker.

“Oh, we’re great. I have a feeling he’s going to be asking me out soon, since Connelly already asked you. What do you think?” her voice suddenly took on a nervous edge as she asked the last question. She looked at me with worried eyes and I knew she was scared that he wasn’t interested in her.

“I think if you feel he is, then he is. I mean they’re brothers and don’t brothers usually follow after each other?” I asked, half rhetorical half real question. Not having any brothers of my own and not really knowing any, I had no experience with it.

“Really? Because what if he doesn’t like me, I mean like me like that?” she asked. I closed my locker and then put my hand on her shoulder.

“Sue, you worry too much. I know he likes you and I know he’s going to ask you out. Connelly told me himself that he liked you and that was some time ago.” I said and smiled at her. She returned a shy one and then the bell rang, forcing us to rush to History. I ran in and was in my seat in the back before the class bell rang.

“Cutting it kind of close don’t you think?” Connelly asked, looking at my disheveled hair and my dress with one of the sleeves hanging off my shoulder.

“No, I was busy talking to Sue.” I said, fixing my sleeve and then putting my hair locks where they were supposed to be.

“About what?” he asked.

So he was already using our deal as an excuse to be nosey, huh? Well two could play it that way. I thought and said, “Girl talk.” Then I looked over and smiled.

He gave me a look and then said, “You can’t dodge my question Kota. Remember?” He then looked at me expectantly.

“But I didn’t. I answered your question truthfully. Are you saying you don’t trust me?” I asked, acting like I couldn’t believe he was doing this, but had to fight hard not to smile.

“No—I —” he sighed, exasperated at me and then smiled despite the annoyance I felt coming from him. He knew what I was doing now and I couldn’t help but giggle a little.

“Fine —If that’s the way you want it.” he said, turning to look at the blackboard, holding his pencil over his paper. But before I could ask what he meant, the teacher walked in.

The bell rang and then I went to Home Ec. with Louis where we did normal Home Ec. stuff. Louis was pleasant this time though, which both surprised me and made me happy. He didn’t talk about Connelly or Ivan or any of their family. He just talked about normal teenage friend stuff and made pleasant conversation.

When the bell rang, Louis gave me a quick hug and said he had to go before he ran out the door. When I walked out of the room, I smiled. Finally, Louis was just being a friend, what I wanted from him and he seemed pretty happy about it too. Maybe this was the way things were supposed to be and he finally realized it.

“So, anything interesting happen last night?” Sue smiled mischievously and gave me a look that made me blush. It was lunch and we were in line.

“What are you talking about?” I asked, hoping against hope that she didn’t see me and Connelly last night. I flashed my eyes over to Louis, but he didn’t seem worried and in fact smiled at me sweetly.

“You know what I’m talking about. You had a pretty serious night last night didn’t you.” she said and smiled at me. I couldn’t help but smile back, but I really wished that she wasn’t doing this.

But it didn’t matter anymore. Sue had already said it, so now I had to say something back. “Yes I did. Connelly met my parents last night.” I said, trying to make it seem like it wasn’t a big deal. And it really wasn’t, to them. They didn’t know enough about Connelly to know how big of a night last night was for him and me.

“What did they do, call the exorcist?” asked Louis, standing beside Dale with his arms crossed over his chest and wearing a disapproving look. In fact, he looked very upset at the very mention of Connelly’s name and the fact that he was with me.

Hm… Well maybe he wasn’t totally ready to be friends just yet. I thought. I sighed and looked at him sharply, but he didn’t flinch or do anything to say sorry.

Dale looked between me and Louis apprehensively and then asked, “So, how did it go, Kota?” He seemed determined to make sure we didn’t have a fight.

I looked at Louis for a second longer, and then turned my eyes on Dale and said, “It went great. They loved him. We watched a movie.” We got our food and then sat down in our usual spots.

“What movie was it?” Dale asked, looking at me.

“Flushed Away.” I said, looking down at my food, but then glancing up at Louis. He quickly averted his angry eyes back to his food and didn’t look back up at me. Man, I thought, he must be really angry at me. This was apparently really serious to him.

“Oh really? How was it?” asked Chase, leaning around Dale to look at me.

“It was really good. Totally funny and at first, I couldn’t believe it was Hugh Jackman, but he was really good. I had no idea he had such a beautiful singing voice.” I said, smiling at him. Chase seemed to enjoy this and smiled back excitedly.

Then there was a long silence, where the only sound was their sporks and them chewing. I suddenly hated this, we use to always talk the whole lunch period with no silence except when we were all swallowing, but now there was nothing but silence. I had to do something about this.

“You know, I feel like we’ve been drifting apart for a while now.” I said, looking up at Dale.

“It all started when you got with Connelly.” Louis said and I looked at him sharply, but he just stared right back.

“Or maybe it started when you turned into a butthead.” I snapped. Then, three things happened all at the same time.

Louis said, “Oh really?” and got up with his hands still on the table, glaring at me, I said, “Yeah!” and started to stand up too, but Dale beat me, putting a hand on my shoulder to make me stay sitting and his other hand on Louis, pushing him back down too.

“Enough, enough!” Dale said loudly over us and when we were quiet, he glared at us. “I am so tired of this! You two need to come to a compromise and work it out or else don’t talk to each other.” he said, acting like our mother. I was upset, but not at Dale. I was tired of fighting with Louis too.

“Okay I’ve got one — Get rid of Connelly.” Louis said, still in a temper.

“I’ve got one too — Get your head out of your butt.” I said and wrinkled my nose in anger at him. He glared. Dale sighed and shook his head.

“What? It isn’t my fault we’re fighting. He’s the one who can’t get over whatever he has against Connelly. At least you’re willing to overcome your dislike with him. At least you’re trying to stay close to me.” I said, glancing over at Louis at this last part, it being meant for him.

“I know, just — what were you going to say before all this started?” Dale said, looking at me.

“Oh, well I was going to suggest that we get together next weekend. Go somewhere and just have some fun. You know, have a party or something.” I said, looking around at them all, except Louis.

“Why not this weekend?” asked Sue.

The End

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