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“Well, Ivan is a lot like me. We’re actually twins believe it or not.” he smiled at my shocked face. Well, I wasn’t actually shocked since Dale had told me, but I wanted him to feel good, telling me something he thought I didn’t know about him.

“Yeah. We both have tempers, but since Ivan is more outgoing and talks more, he can control his thirst and temper better than I can. He’s more confident in his restraint than I am. And you see, since we’re vampires, our senses are faster and sharper, but when we’re around humans we have to get used to your slow brains.” he ended it in a joke.

“Oh, I’m sorry I have such a slow brain.” I said and laughed.

“It’s okay. I’m getting used to it.” he said and I chuckled softly.

“So, what are the others like?”

“Well, Vincent, the one who’s in your biology class, is obviously really strong and has a good sense of humor — Alister’s the slick one and serious, Aubrey is really out there and is hard to explain.” Then he quieted for a minute, obviously thinking of the best way to describe Aubrey. He furrowed his brow, making creases in his forehead and pressed his lips together in a hard line.

Wow. Was Aubrey really that hard to describe? I thought and then looked down at our hands. They weren’t intertwined, but just like a regular holding hands thing. But then again, I guess we weren’t really that close. I mean, we weren’t even dating yet. I let out a low, barely recognizable sigh of yearning and hoped that he didn’t catch that. He did though and glanced at me to see what was wrong, but I had already changed my expression and smiled at him, waiting patiently for him to continue.

He looked at me a second longer, but when he didn’t find anything out of place he went on. “I guess you could say she’s just happy all the time and it’s hard to make her not happy, but when you do it’s serious — And Mira, she’s the hard one to please. She’s really high on her important list, you know? — Very big headed. She’s still cool though and once you get past her iron wall, she’s soft and sensitive.” After hearing that, I really wanted to meet them, but I wasn’t so sure about Mira. He said that she was soft and sensitive, but he also said that she had an iron wall and I wasn’t too sure I could get passed that. And to be frank, she kind of scared me.

“She looked at me once.” I said, looking out in front of us while I saw her in the math room again, heading out the door, and catching my eye just as she disappeared.

“Mira? When?” he asked and sounded kind of nervous.

“In Math. It was just before she went through the door, her eyes just flashed to mine and then she disappeared. It didn’t look mean or anything, just a look, a strong look.” I said.

“I wonder what Alister has been telling her. Well, I’ll have to talk to her about that later.” he said and then moved on. “Do you have any siblings other than Kati?” he asked, glancing up at me.

“No, Kati’s the only one, but she’s cool… sometimes anyway. She can be a bit snooty at times, but other than that we don’t really hang out together much.” I said, looking at the asphalt.

“Why not?” he asked and I glanced at him. He looked oddly concerned about that and I couldn’t help but smile at the sweetness of it.

“I don’t know really, but I guess it’s because it’s our ages or maybe that she’s in college now. We were really close when we were little, but ever since we both got in high school and she became a junior she just had so much she was doing.” I said.

“I’m sorry.” he said and I smiled at him.

“No, it’s okay. I don’t think about it much, having so much to do myself. I mean we were still close, don’t get me wrong, but we didn’t just sit around and chat up a storm or gossip about which guys we thought were cute or whatever. That’s what I have Sue for and we had different groups anyway.” I explained, making sure he didn’t think I was mistreated or something.

“You were both comfortable and that’s what matters.” he said and I nodded, glad he got my point.

“So,” I asked, getting back on subject, “What’s Ivan going to do about Sue?”

“What do you mean?” he wrinkled his face in confusion.

“I mean does he like her or not?” I explained.

“He does.” he smiled.

“Is he going to tell her what he is?” I asked.

“I don’t know, but if I’ve already told you then he’ll probably do the same. Though she might not react the same as you.” he said and stopped walking. “Let’s start back to the gym. It’s almost time for dance practice.”

“Are you still going to wear your hat?” I asked timidly, looking into his bright red eyes again.

“Today.” he said. He gently lifted his hat off of my head and situated it back on his head.

“If it helps; I think your eyes are beautiful.” I said and smiled at him.

“Thank you.” he smiled back and took my hand. I was silently rejoicing with excitement. I was dating a vampire. Connelly! Well, it wasn’t official, but I was definitely going to stop flirting with Louis.

“Are you still going to let me see your eyes even though you’re wearing the hat?” I asked.

“Yes.” he said and nodded. Then he smiled and lifted his hat so I could see his cherry red eyes.

As we entered the gym we noticed first, that it was missing the kids from our gym class and second, was now filled with kids from the other gym classes. I noticed all my friends and Louis standing on the edge of the crowd.

I heard Connelly sigh and when I looked up at him he seemed distressed. “What’s wrong?” I asked.

“My family’s upset. See, I had been planning to tell you for about a week now, well actually since that Saturday. I had talked to them and asked them for advice. They heard us outside and I have to go explain.” he said. He smiled at me softly before he walked off towards his family. I looked over at them and his family did in fact look upset and angry.

“Kota.” I heard Sue call and ran over to her.

“Hey, how’d it go? What did he say?” Sue pushed for details.

I decided not to tell her until I got an okay from Ivan.

“He likes me and said sorry for being rude.” I said happily and we did our little girl dance thing.

“I saw you holding hands.” Sue said quietly.

“Yeah, he’s great.” I said.

“Kota, what’s up with you and Connelly?” Dale strode over with his chest puffed out, looking at me suspiciously.

“Nothing. Why?” I asked.

“I still don’t trust him.” said Dale.

“Well, you’re going to have to get over it because I’m going to be around him a lot more from now on.” I lifted my head, daring him to say something else.

“I’m just worried about you.” It sounded like he was begging me. He had a right to worry about me though; I was going with a vampire.

“I know, but it’ll be okay.” I smiled. I looked around at Connelly and his family in the far corner of the gym. They were all around him and looking angry while he explained. They took turns saying things to him, which he would quickly answer before another one would say something. I felt bad for him and hoped that it wasn’t going as bad as it looked like it was.

The End

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