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I also learned that vampires weren’t described to have fangs until the book ‘Varney the Vampire’ in 1840.

One species of vampire, the draugre, had a great longing for life and even envied the ones still alive. They also still longed for their loved ones still alive and to fulfill their longings and needs, they would kill things. They would decimate their loved ones livestock by running them to death.

Another species, the Stregoni benefici of Italy, was said to be on the side of goodness, and a mortal enemy of all evil vampires. Oddly, that was all that was said about this type of vampire. I wrote this down to ponder later.

I read about Elizabeth Bathory, a noblewoman, who was put on trial for murdering 650 young women, mostly servants that worked at her husband’s estate. It said that to this day, there are rumors that she bathed in her victims blood to retain her youthful appearance.

Then, the last one on the page was the one that seemed to have the most information on this type of vampire. The Menschlicher Vampir, a vampire from Germany, was a relatively new species of vampire. These vampires were probably the only species spread largely across the world. Like the Italian Stregoni benefici, they were good vampires who despised the ones who indulged in drinking human blood. Though they were good, some of them were new to and not as strong as others, so human’s needed to be especially careful around them, just like any other vampire.

These vampires had come from Dracula, but rejected drinking human blood and turned against him.

I wrote this one down too and when I was finished, I turned off my computer and examined my notes. None of the entries helped me much on identifying if Alister and his family were vampires or not. And even if they were, I couldn’t tell which one they were. I didn’t know enough about them to know what kind they were, but judging by the way they stayed blood sucking free I guessed they were the good ones.

“Who am I kidding? This is stupid!” I said to myself as I lay back on my bed.

“I’m on the internet looking up vampires to see what kind Alister is. They’re not vampires; they’re just pale people who want to be left alone and I’m messing that up for them.” I covered my eyes in embarrassment. Soon after that, I fell asleep. I dreamt of Connelly again as he twirled me in his arms, and then he changed into Alister who pinned me to the ground and drank my blood.

That night I tossed and turned while I had nightmares. They consisted of Connelly being there, but not being able to save me from the theater monster who had a hold on me. The monster would growl, I would cry out, and Connelly would come running, but he never got there in time. He was always too far away.


 “Sunday.” I breathed as I sat in a chair in my backyard the next day. When I had woken up that morning, I was a little more relaxed than I had been before. I guess it was because I was mostly relieved that Alister hadn’t gotten me in my sleep. But then when I walked out into my backyard, I felt exposed, but made myself relax a little. If Alister hadn’t gotten me last night, then I had to force myself to think that he wouldn’t do it now. I forced my mind back on my previous thoughts.

 I loved Sundays. They were the only day I had to rest most of the time. My Saturdays were usually filled with either family events or my own. Sadly though, this was not that relaxing Sunday I looked forward to. Kati was moving over to her college and her friends were helping her, along with me.

I didn’t know what to expect. I was almost certain that Kati wasn’t really going to college, but traveling around with her boyfriend and his band. I had to laugh then, thinking of how smart my parents were. They had actually given her the check for her first college semester instead of sending it in beforehand or going with her.

If she was in fact going with her boyfriend, where would she be putting all of her stuff? Her boyfriends’ van wasn’t going to fit all of her crap along with theirs. Maybe she would just take a few things and say that her dorm was fully furnished. Then I shook my head, emptying my mind of those thoughts. I didn’t want to waste any more of my relaxing morning thinking about Kati and her problems when I would have to deal with them for the rest of the day.

I tried not to think about anything, but my mind wandered to Louis and Connelly. Well, Connelly did make his move so Louis was just going to have to find another girl because this one was taken. I did feel kind of bad though. Louis had been flirting with me this entire time and I was nervous that I had led him on, but hopefully I hadn’t and he could find someone else to make him happy. I was happy after all, now that I was finally going to be with Connelly.

I wanted to see Connelly, if only the sight of him walking down the street. It was hard to believe that I already missed him, but ever since that freak thing happened with Alister the day before, I felt like I needed him for protection. I’m sure that if Connelly had been with me,” I thought, “he would have stopped that guy from getting me and probably would have known he was in there before we even opened the door. Then I wouldn’t have gotten these horrible rings.

I looked down at my wrists. They both had very dark red rashes around them. Somehow, when that guy had touched them, he had burned my skin horribly. I had tried everything to make them better. Sue and I had raided her mother’s medicine cabinet in search of the cure, but all we found that could possibly help were ointments. I couldn’t very well ask Sue’s mother or mine, both would go crazy.

Then I wouldn’t have gotten these horrible rings. I thought again.

 I had never felt so safe with someone I had just met, but Connelly was different. There was something about him that separated him from the crowd, but I couldn’t pinpoint the reason.

That’s another thing. I thought to myself. Connelly’s going to want to know what happened when he sees my wrists.

He seemed to always know and see things I didn’t know I was letting out. What was I going to tell him? What would he do once I told him? There was nothing he could do; that guy or thing was probably already gone so he wouldn’t be able to find him even if he tried.

“Kota?” asked a voice and I turned around to see Kati. I quickly put my hands under the table so she couldn’t see the rings.

The End

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