The Encounter p7

Those eyes were so beautiful and so terrible at the same time. How could someone have red eyes? I stared at them, transfixed both by their beauty and underlying danger. I know it might sound weird, but he seemed to be glowing darkly. It was like he was seeping darkness.

He continued growling quietly and it was then that I noticed a dark cloud falling out of his mouth. It was like smoke, but this cloud wasn’t gray and it didn’t have a smell, and it was thicker than smoke. Instead, it was as black as the shadows around us and as it landed on my face, I started to get light headed. He was also surrounded by another dark cloud that it seemed his skin let off and it was so thick and dark that the overhead lights seemed only just able to penetrate.

I was scared for my life as I looked up at him. He stared at me for a minute, as if wondering what to do with me or just admiring my face before he ripped it off. Maybe even just enjoying his reign over me, his obviously seeming in control of me. His growling quieted a little as he leaned in towards me, his lips pulling back slightly in a sinful smile.

As his breath once again fell on me, I got dizzier and couldn’t seem to keep my head looking up at him. It was as if his breath was like some kind of noxious gas, making me fall unconscious. I let my head fall to the side, my strength finally falling away from me.

At least he can’t kiss me on the lips. I thought as I lay there helplessly. I knew I couldn’t fight him. He was way too strong and something else that made me scared out of my skin.

I heard a sharp intake of breath and managed to move my head a fraction of an inch towards him. His face was tight and his eyes were scared and angry. His eyes shot to mine and then anger covered the fright as he snarled and jumped off of me, back into the shadows.

I laid there for a moment, letting the feeling come back into my limbs. I sat up slowly; scared he would jump on me again if I moved too fast. I rubbed my wrists where he had touched them and they were red and burning. I stood up, brushing myself off, and looked around, expecting to see him running at me or at least standing in front of me again.

My first thought, instinct really, was to bolt through the door and run as far away from him and this place as possible. But then I thought of the way he had looked right before he jumped off me. He had been scared of something, but what? I put a hand up to shade my eyes so I could see better into the shadows.

“Go.” I heard a dark voice say. It sounded forlorn and restrained. It was coming from in front of me, but high up somehow, like he had somehow managed to climb up on top of the lights in those few seconds after he released me.

“Who are you?” I asked the dark voice. There was a soft thud down in front of me and then the sound of him thrashing around and ripping things apart. I took a step back and brought my hands up to my chest.

“What—” I started to say.

“GO!” he growled thunderously and an enormous crash followed his words, drowning out something else he said. His sudden volume startled me and I bolted to the door, slamming it behind me.

I leaned against the door, holding my hands firmly to my heart in an attempt to stop it beating so hard. “What in the world?” I said to myself.

It had happened so fast, but I remembered everything as clearly as if it had been in slow motion. The only thing that stood out from everything else was his eyes. It was like they had been burned into my mind forever.  Those deep blood-red eyes had stared down at me in the strangest way. I had never seen that look before. They seemed intense and almost… hungry. Suddenly I got chilly bumps in spite of there being no wind in the dead end alley on a hot summers’ day.

“Why in the world had I stayed there?” I asked myself. “He could have killed me! I was so stupid to try to talk to him!” I steamed at myself, giving myself a stern talking to.

“Kota?” called a voice. I looked up and at the corner of the alley.

“Kota, where are you?” It was Kati and Sue and I could hear them coming down the alley. I brushed off the remaining dust, stood up straight, and walked around the corner.

“Kota!” Sue yelled happily. She ran over to me and hugged me tightly.

“Kota, what happened? One minute you were with us and the next you had disappeared.” Kati asked worriedly and hugged me too.

“Nothing; I lost sight of you and thought you had gone down here.” I smiled.

“Kota, are you okay? You look a little freaked.” Kati looked me over.

“You look like you’ve just seen a ghost.” said Sue. She linked arms with me as we walked out of the alleyway and back onto the sidewalk.

“No, I’m fine.” I looked at Sue to make sure she caught my meaning that I would tell her later.

“Good, because mom would kill me if she thought I’d lost you.” Kati took the lead down the sidewalk towards some shops, Sue and I right behind her.

I tried to forget about the event, but no matter what we did or where we went, I couldn’t get the sight of his eyes out of my head. I swore I even saw them in the crowd once or twice.

On the way home I insisted on listening to loud, head banging 80’s music so I could possibly forget about him. No such luck. It seemed to even help me as I zoned out, thinking about him and all of his mysterious actions.

Why was he growling? I thought as we headed back home. I’ve heard people growl before and it sounded nothing like his. His seemed more animal like, which creeped me out. Why did it hurt when his skin touched mine? Could someone really be so cold as to give another person cold burns? I did know that if you poured too cold water on your skin it would hurt, so maybe that’s what that was? No, wait. That made no sense.

Why did he have red eyes? Red eyes! Did he wear colored contacts? Did colored contacts even come in that color? Why did he seem so familiar? I thought. And what about that smoke? Where did all that sleeping gas come from? Maybe he had it stored in the room just for little stunts like that.

I pictured the theater guy’s face in my mind. He stared down at me with those red eyes and beautiful face. He seemed so familiar, but at the same time so foreign and scary. I couldn’t picture any of my friends looking scary like that.

The End

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