Problems p10

I was back and forth between the kitchen and the customers, dropping off drinks and food. One such time when I was serving food to customers in the Smoking section, I heard my name being called and turned to see Dale and Louis waiting at the front desk. I finished serving the food and then walked over to them.

“Yes?” I asked, coming behind the desk.

“How much do I owe you?” he asked.

I wrung up the price on the dinner and said, “Forty-six sixty-two.” I said and he handed me a fifty.

“Man, that’s expensive.” he said in a surprised tone.

“You fed six people. I’d say that’s pretty good.” I said, giving him change back.

“True.” he said, putting away the money. I came out from behind the front desk and hugged Dale goodbye. As Louis hugged me, I was overwhelmed by his gentle grip and his natural country man smell.

“Here.” said Louis and he handed me a ten. I looked at it for a minute and then back at him. I usually only got three to five dollars tip, but never a ten.

“Thank you.” I said.

“No problem.” he smiled at me and then gave me a hug again, letting me briefly breathe in his scent once more before he and Dale left. I stood there a minute longer, dazed, and then ran to the kitchen, back to work.

We got home soon enough to be late for dinner. Sue was still talking about Ivan, which got my mind back on Connelly, wondering why he had been so rude all day, but then all of a sudden smiles at me like an angel. I didn’t care who he thought he was, he couldn’t mess with people’s emotions like that, especially my emotions. And he had no right to pull that smile out of me, no matter how stunning he looked, no matter how innocent, perfect, angelically beautiful he looked. I thought.

“Ugh.” I said and put a hand over my face. I really didn’t want to think about any of this right now. All I wanted was to do something that made me happy and not think about anything remotely related to school, except maybe overdue homework. But unfortunately, when we went inside to eat dinner I was sidetracked by a Russell Crowe movie. I absolutely loved him; tall, buff, and he had a nice face. I had a thing for faces.

“So did you have fun today? I saw you and Connelly talking on the bleachers.” Sue asked as we climbed the stairs to my room. Sue’s parent’s were on a trip out of state for their job so she was staying with me until they got back.

“No, I just looked back at him and he smiled at me. It was so weird, but his smile was so sweet that I totally forgot how rude he was and about his spasms. And at work, Dale and Louis showed up and Louis was so flirty. Sue, what am I going to do? How do I choose which one to go after?” I let some of my nervousness and frustration leak through my voice.

“I think it’s a little too early to tell. I mean, you’ve basically just met them. You need to get to know them better before you choose anything.” she advised. “I mean, you act like you’ve got to make a decision right this minute or you’ll lose the one you really want. Well, you won’t lose one and you have plenty of time because I guarantee you that neither Louis nor Connelly is looking for anyone else. Their eyes are focused on you.” She looked over at me and it was one of those weird moments where she looked like a psychiatrist.

“…Maybe.” I said and then yawned. I looked over just in time to see her yawn too.


 I woke up still tired, shrugged on a pair of jeans, a comfortable black shirt, tennis shoes, and drug myself out the door. I got in the car, still yawning and reassuring an unsure Sue that I was fully able to drive. I shook my head more than once as we drove to school and every time I did, I saw Sue tense beside me.

“I’m just tired. I’ll be okay later on.” I said for the thousandth time, yawning again. Sue still didn’t look much reassured, but she didn’t say anything. When we finally parked at the school, Sue quickly got out and took a deep breath of relief.

I rolled my eyes and thought, so dramatic.

When I walked into History was when I noticed it. I completely freaked out and my brain started running a hundred miles a minute, thinking of possibilities to why he wasn’t there.

The End

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