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I could feel a cold stare coming from the mysterious eyes under the hat’s brim. Since I couldn’t see his eyes and read what he was trying to imply, I looked at the part of his face I could see. His cheeks were tight in the way you see when someone glares at you, his nose was crinkled in irritation, and his lips looked like they were on the edge of snarling.

The intensity was too much even without his eyes and I averted my gaze. Though the glare was expected this time, I still got a horrible chill. I was defeated and sank into my chair, depressed and embarrassed.

I am way too dramatic. I thought to myself in a mental lecture. I need to pick a feeling about him and stick with it. I need to stop flip-flopping and decide whether or not I’m going to ignore him and have anything to do with him. He’s obviously decided for me so all I have to do is follow his example; ignore him and act like he doesn’t exist. That can’t be so hard.

So, having made that deal with myself, I sank in my chair and shaded my face with my hand so I couldn’t see him. Then I concentrated on my work and when the bell rang, Ivan and Connelly both sprinted through the door. I stared at the spot where they had disappeared and sighed.

Maybe I should just leave him alone. I mean, he was sending signals that said he didn’t want anything to do with me, so maybe I should follow it. Well I guess Dale was right, I thought, he really doesn’t want to date anyone.

 For the fifth time that day, this time in Math, I sat in the back. Louis wasn’t in this class, and neither Ivan nor his horrible brother either, but instead there was a girl with sleek black hair. Mira. Seeing her took the event with Connelly right out of my mind and I looked at her in awe.

I thought she was beautiful, and now that I was closer, I could see her more specific features. She had more muscle than I had previously thought showing underneath her porcelain skin, making her delicate build look both menacing and beautiful. And her eyes, whose color I couldn’t identify before I could clearly see now. They were such a dark blue they were almost purple and her eyes themselves slanted inwards towards her nose, all her features combined giving her an Elvin look. She was so drop dead gorgeous it hurt my pride just to look at her.

Thankfully though, she hadn’t noticed me and I could sit down without having to endure another cold stare, which seemed to be coming at me from every angle. It was easier not to look at her because of the pain it caused me, but I still managed to peek at her twice more. Once when she was called on to answer a question and again as she got up and walked out of the class.  It was worst this last time; she moved so lithely that I swore she was floating instead of walking. No one should be able to look or move like that.

“Kota, hurry up. Coach Bailey is calling us in early for some important news.” Sue said, suddenly at the math door jumping up and down. I ran out the door to my locker and then we rushed to the gym. We were running so fast, I actually ran out of my shoes and had to get them before continuing.

“Guys, hurry! He’s about to start!” Dave called as he held the door open as me and Sue ran through, but before we could book it to the bleachers, Dave said, “Sorry I couldn’t sit with you today, babe. I couldn’t make it, important stuff at the big table, but I’ll be there tomorrow.” He put an arm around my waist like I was his living and breathing trophy. Instantly, I had an urge to smack that pretty face of his off, but then a sudden brilliant idea hit me and I decided to play along with this.

I winked at Sue and then said, “Only if you promise. I don’t think I could take another disappointment like that again. My heart my give out.” I made sure to sound like I was heartbroken and gave him a hurt look as I put a hand on my heart like I was afraid it might fall right out of my chest.

“I promise, baby.” he said, giving me a smile that he thought was sexy and reassuring, but just came off sleazy and gross. “You can bet your pretty little heart on that.” Then he winked at me before climbing the bleachers towards his teammates.

“You can bet your pretty little heart on that.” Sue echoed mockingly when he was out of earshot.

“Shut up.” I said and she giggled. As we went up to the fourth step, I just happened to glance up and see Connelly, Ivan, and Mira sitting together on the highest row in the corner. Ivan turned to look at me, but I spun around and sat down before he could glare again. I was going to ignore him and Connelly.

“Okay guys, I’m sorry to bring you here for this but it’s important.” Coach Bailey looked at us for a moment, his hands on his hips and looking like he didn’t know how to say what he wanted to say. “There is a competition… in a few months. It’s a dance competition. Now I’ll understand if you don’t want to do this, but the couple who wins in the finals splits eight thousand dollars.” he looked up at us. We all sat there quietly, waiting to see if there was any more.

“What will we have to do if we say yes?” I asked.

“Well, you’ll have to work really hard and have to come in for practice every day after school. Then, we’ll have to pair you with someone you’ll get along with and can work with so you can practice together on your own time.” he looked excited just at the question.

“What if we work after school?” I asked, thinking of Lou.

The End

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