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The high school cafeteria was huge. And well of course it had to be huge; it had to accommodate all the high school student and teacher body. I waited in line with Sue as we looked down on the lowered portion of the room, it along with the upper portion decorated in our school colors of white and dark blue, the white wolf painted on some of the walls.

 “I think if we hurry we can grab the end of that table in front of the stage.” Sue pointed to the table in front of a big stage, its contents hidden by a dark blue curtain with our white wolf emblazoned on front. The stage was mainly useless except for when the drama class used it, or when our school had its spring and winter concerts with the choir and band. I wasn’t in band, or any other extra-curricular activity really, but it was safe to say I was never bored with the things I did do.

“Kota!” Chase called as he walked up to us.

“Hey Kota, I want you to meet Louis Myles.” Dale walked up behind Chase and then moved aside to reveal a dirty blonde haired boy. Even though Louis and I had already met, I didn’t see any reason to take away Dale’s proud moment.

“Hi.” Louis smiled warmly and nodded. Apparently, he felt the same way and that sparked even more interest in me.

“Hi. I’m Kota.” I nodded my hello. He nodded back, never breaking eye contact, and smiled radiantly.

“I’m Sue.” Sue smiled. He nodded hello to her too, giving her a brief glance and then returning to me. I was sure I was blushing now, but I couldn’t help it. He was so cute!

Sue didn’t seem to have noticed though because she said, “Kota, look.” She pointed down to the corner we had planned on sitting at, but it was taken. It was the six dancers from gym, including Connelly.

“Yeah, they took that table yesterday too.” Dale said as we all looked down at them.

“Wait, where are the other two?” I asked, remembering the two foreign model girls who had danced with Connelly and Ivan. A little pang of jealousy still coursed through me at the thought of them, and part of me didn’t care where they were as long as they kept away from me and Sue’s men.

Dale looked at them and then shrugged. “I don’t know. The only time I saw them was that first time they danced.”

“They don’t go to school here too?” Sue asked, her face confused.

“I guess not.” I said, all of us staring at them.

“I’ve heard a lot about them.” Dale said, and we all glanced at him, then clarified, “Not the two girls, but them down there.”

“Like what?” I asked.

“Like that they’re dating each other. The two Montague’s are dating two of the Peters’.” he said, nodding when we looked both shocked and confused.

“Which ones?” I asked anxiously, looking over at Connelly worriedly. I don’t know why after what happened in History that I still wanted a chance with him, but I couldn’t change the way I felt right then. He needed to be single. For me.

“Vincent is with Aubrey, and Alister is with Mira.” he said and I almost sighed out loud. I had to hide my triumphant smile. “But here’s the kicker, they’re all living together.” He nodded when we showed shock.

“They’re living together?” Sue and I said in unison. We looked at each other and then at him. “I thought they were all one family.”

“They are; that’s just what I heard. They were either adopted or were together before their parents got married, but they’re not related either way.” he said, the look on his face saying his head was still spinning.

“Those other two aren’t with anyone?” asked Louis, sliding in between Dale and me as we all looked over the partition.

“Ivan and Connelly? No, they’re still single. I saw a couple girls flirting with them and some of them asked him out, but he just said he wasn’t dating.” said Dale.

“Hm.” said Louis. He looked down at the two single brothers in an odd way. He looked like he was examining them.

Then we were suddenly looking Ivan straight in the eyes as he glared at me and Louis, his glare so severe that his usually pale cheeks were deep pink. I almost jumped at his sudden sizzling glare and glanced over at Louis to see that he was just as surprised. I looked back down just in time to catch Ivan nudge Connelly and say something that made all their eyes snap up at us for a minute, before they all left through the back doors to the right.

“What’s wrong with them?” Chase asked on the other side of Dale.

“I don’t know.” Louis looked just as confused as we were.

“Hm.” Dale furrowed his brow. By now we were up to the food and after we loaded our trays, we headed to the now empty table.


I sat in the back in English Literature. Connelly and Ivan were also in here as well, but sat in the opposite back corner as me. I was very thankful Louis wasn’t in this class too because that would’ve been too much for me to handle.

I tried to resist, but couldn’t help myself. I leaned back so I could see around the back of the person next to me and over to where the two brothers were. Ivan caught my movement and looked at me sideways.

It was amazing how a person could glare like that, but he managed it well. His moss green eyes, as light as they were, had suddenly taken on a dark foreboding. His face though, wasn’t unkind. I didn’t feel like he hated me like I felt his brother did, but was just warning me of something. About what, I didn’t know.

I don’t care if he hates me or not. I have to see his face. Just once. I thought, looking into Ivan’s eyes like I was telling him this. And I know it sounds weird, but his eyes suddenly looked less angry than before. They suddenly took on an understanding and sad look, but with a confused edge. He looked at me a minute longer and then leaned over his work.

And as he did so, he revealed his brother. Connelly had obviously expected this because he was already tense and gripping his desk tightly. Then he suddenly turned his head completely in my direction and his glare was even more severe than before.

The End

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