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Next, I went to Home Economics and my senses went crazy when I entered the room. I smelled a cake and scanned the room for the source, finding a large vanilla cake lying on the teachers’ desk.

“There’re names on the desks.” said a blonde headed girl I didn’t know. She shared the desk with a red-headed boy and they were obviously together because they were holding hands.

“Oh, thank you.” I said and smiled at her. I went further into the room and found my name on a list on the desk in front of the door. Sitting at the desk, I took out my notebook and began writing down assignments as the class steadily filled up two to a desk, while I remained alone.

“Oh, good. You figured it out.” said the teacher as she walked into the room. She wore a flattering turquoise shirt and matching skirt, her short hair a mouse brown set in a spiral perm.

“Why wouldn’t we? We’re high school juniors.” said the same girl who’d helped me.

“You’d be surprised.” The teacher said. The blonde girl looked at her boyfriend and then to the teacher, obviously confused on how someone wouldn’t be able to figure such a simple thing out.

“Hello class, I’m Mrs. Stettler. The lists on your desk will stay there until I can remember all your names and you know where you should be. They’re laminated too, so don’t worry about spilling anything on them.” she said as she made her way to the front of the class, her inch high heels clicking softly.

The bell rang just then and I heard the chair next to me move. I looked over and saw a tall beefy boy fumbling with the zipper on his binder and then hurriedly take out his school planner, notebook, and textbook. The sight of him made me catch my breath. He was tanned a light copper, had curly dirty blonde hair cut short, even though he was well muscled like Chase, I could tell this boy had brains. It was in his bright blue eyes. He had knowing eyes.

Mrs. Stettler looked at the boy for a minute, and then continued talking about something I wasn’t paying attention to at the moment. He looked up at me when he was done scribbling the assignment and smiled easily.

“Hi. I’m Louis.” he said, holding out his hand.

“Hi. I’m Dakota, but people just call me Kota.” I smiled back and shook his hand. His hand was big, making mine almost seem like a toddler’s in comparison, and it was callused, but it held mine gently. He looked from my hand to my face and smiled in a very pleased way, almost making me blush before the teacher got our attention again.

“Now, I know this will be your first day in here with me, but I just want you to know that regardless of how long you’ve been with me, I believe people learn faster by getting their hands dirty.” Her eyes swept over us as she paused and then continued. “But seeing as how this is the beginning of the school year, these first few days will be a short review of last year, and I suggest that those of you who weren’t here last year not only listen but study your textbook carefully. Because there’s no telling when I’m going to start you cooking.”

After that, she went right to work on telling us the things she’d taught the year before and a few things to look out for in the kitchen when cooking. We wrote down everything she said and did some worksheets while we ate small pieces of cake until the bell rang. Me and Louis didn’t get to say much else to each other, except how good the cake was, until after class.

“Well, that was more fun than I thought it would be.” he said sarcastically when we left the classroom. I laughed.

“Yeah, I hope the next one’s like this.” I said as we went to our lockers, which were right beside each other.

Be careful. You don’t want to jinx it.” he said and I smiled.

“You’re hilarious.” I said as I closed my locker.

“Thank you.” he said, grinning as he closed his locker too.

“Are you new here? I don’t think I’ve seen you before.” I asked. I knew I’d never seen him before, but I just felt like I had to keep talking to him. I didn’t want to waste a perfect chance like this on getting to know a perfect guy like that.

“Yeah, I am. I’ve been running all over the place this morning and was almost late to both of my classes so far.” he leaned on his locker, still looking at me and I was sure I was blushing.

“I’m sorry about that, but don’t worry. You’ll get used to running from one side of the school to the other pretty fast.” I smiled. The warning bell sounded and I jumped, but he just sighed and leaned off his locker.

“So, I’ll see you later, maybe.” he said.

I understood the question part of it and said, “Maybe.” I smiled and he grinned back. We passed each other, parting easily to go to our own classes.

I headed to Biology, where I also sat in the back. My dancer, Connelly, wasn’t there so thankfully I could concentrate on taking notes. I took out my book and another notebook and started writing down the things we would be covering as the teacher called out names.

“Sally Henson?”

“Here.” said a red-headed girl with pigtails.

“Brock Evens?”

“Yep.” answered a tall jock type guy who I knew was on the football team with Dave.

“Vincent Peters?”

“Here.” said a big pale brawny guy with dark brown hair. I paused at the sound of the name “Peters”, and looked over at Vincent. He was hunched over his work, sitting alone at his lab table and looking like he didn’t mind in the slightest of the absence of a partner. He was just as pale as Connelly and Ivan, and just like his brothers, was unbelievably gorgeous. I mean, I was surprised that everyone in the room could even peel their eyes off of him.

“Dale Lochay?”

“I’m here.” said Dale. He was just running in the classroom and came to sit by me.

“Hi Kota.” he flashed a smile.

“Hey Dale.” I said, watching him dig through his messenger bag.

“I hope it’ll be okay if I bring someone else along at lunch. He’s new and I’ve been put in charge of him.” Dale looked at me apologetically.

“The more the merrier.” I said with a smile and we both turned our attention to the teacher, who had started talking about DNA. Biology was one of my best subjects and I was confident as I wrote down all the formulas and information. Dale was the same and looked as if he wasn’t even paying attention to what he was writing because he was so confident.

When the bell rang and Dale was quickly packing up his stuff he said, “Hey, I’ll meet you in the cafeteria. I’ve gotta go get the newbie.” He rushed out of the room with a flash and as I was gathering my things, my eyes couldn’t help but wander back over to Vincent. But he was gone. It was amazing how fast a big guy like that could be, but then again Dale was pretty nimble for his size too, and he was almost the same size as Vincent. Shrugging, I gathered my things and went on to lunch.

The End

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