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I awoke with a start on Monday morning. Everything was upside down and I freaked out until I realized I was halfway off my bed. I sighed gratefully and slid the rest of the way off. It was seven o’clock and I started running around like crazy. I wasn’t surprised that Sue wasn’t there. She was most likely over in her room getting dressed and I only kind of remember her shaking me awake.

I took a quick shower, blow-dried my hair, got dressed in a cute yellow dress, curled my hair, did my makeup, got my backpack, purse, and finally grabbed my jacket on my way to the door.

When I was finally ready, it was seven forty-five and I was running out the door. Sue was already at the car, waiting impatiently. “We need to hurry or we’ll be late!”

“I know, I know.” I unlocked the car and we jumped in and raced to school.

I didn’t have time to gawk at the huge high school today as I had the day before. It had three stories, a football field out back, and a huge field out front where the marching band practiced. And I know I’d been going here for two years already, but it just never ceased to amaze me how something this big could be in Maxville.

 We parked in the school parking lot, which was to the right of the school, and ran inside the building just in time for the bell to ring. We were still late for class, but thankfully the teachers were a little lenient. Though not that much.

When we walked into our first class, History, the teacher was already starting to write on the chalkboard. “Pssst.” I heard someone say and saw Chase sitting in the front desk closest to the door. He smiled and waved. I smiled back and then looked around for a seat, finding that there were only two left for me and Sue. So I took the one in the back on the same row as Chase, while Sue sat in the very front on the opposite side of the room.

I got out my notebook and pencil, and was about to start taking notes when something in my peripheral vision caught my eye. I turned my head slightly and saw the dancer. I couldn’t believe my eyes, but there he was, sitting beside me. He was wearing that same fedora hat as yesterday, minus the rose, and it was still covering his eyes. I felt a charged energy running the mere two feet between us and couldn’t stop a smile from crawling up on my face. Apparently noticing that the chair beside him was full, or feeling me looking at him, he moved his head to the side and I could feel his eyes on me. Then he suddenly tensed and leaned away from me like I was carrying the black plague.

Ouch. That hurt. My face fell and I nonchalantly sniffed my underarms. No, it smelled just like cucumbers under there, so it was fine and I looked over at him sadly. I thought he had said sorry, but maybe it was just so he didn’t feel guilty or look bad in front of all the other girls. My sadness was quickly replaced with anger at that last thought as I sat up straighter and looked away from him.

What a jerk. I thought. I slid my notebook closer to me and started writing notes, digging my pencil into the paper. Again, my anger ebbed away in about five minutes and I had an urge to look at him. Maybe it had just scared him that it was me beside him because of what happened when we’d first met. Or maybe it had startled him that he hadn’t heard me sit down. It had to be something as innocent as that.

With those thoughts I chanced a peek.

He was still tight.

His hat was pulled lower over his eyes, but even though he didn’t move his head my way, I could still feel his eyes on me. I was about to look away from him hopelessly when I noticed that there seemed to be a kind of smoke around him. It was like there was a dark, black shadow around him, blocking out some of the light from the room around him. I couldn’t see it very well, like it wasn’t there all the way, but I still focused on it, wondering what it could be. It couldn’t have been smoke because we were in a classroom, and it didn’t have the look of normal smoke. It was too strange.

Then suddenly he tensed even more, if that was possible, and brought both of his legs under his chair, like he was fighting himself to stand up. He gripped the desk even harder too, his white knuckles going even whiter and I could see the blue veins popping up on his arms.

The teacher was really boring as she droned on about history in the background and never seemed to notice what was happening. She never called on the people in the back so I was saved my humiliation because I wasn’t even listening. I was too busy being interested and horrified at what was happening in front of me to bother with her.

I leaned a fraction closer to him, but instantly wished I hadn’t. He whipped his head around to face me, still under all the strain careful not to show his eyes, and glared at me evilly. I don’t know what a glare looks like if you can’t see the persons’ eyes, but nevertheless, I knew that’s what he was doing. I leaned back in my seat, scared to death by his reaction, and watched him with fearful eyes.

It occurred to me he might jump on me and rip me apart for some unknown reason, but thankfully after a few minutes of us staring at each other, he turned his head back to the teacher. He also scooted all the way to the other side of his seat, his legs still clenched under the chair, still holding onto the desk with his left hand, but writing roughly with his right.

I watched him for a minute, not sure if it was safe yet to move, and then slowly relaxed. I picked up my pencil again and looked back at my paper. I tried to concentrate on writing my notes, but my mind was still so in shock that I kept replaying his hostile spasm over and over again.

Unexpectantly, the bell ran and I jumped, realizing that I’d been staring off into space the whole time. I looked down at my notebook only to see doodles of his face with the fedora hiding his eyes. I blushed and covered the doodles with my hand as I heard his chair squeak. I sat up and saw that he was already the first one out the door.

“Hey Kota, you know your dancer was beside you.” Sue said excitedly as we stood at our lockers.

“I noticed. He leaned away from me and tensed up like I was some kind of monster. Then he had some kind of spasm and glared at me when I leaned closer to him. I was just going to ask if he needed the nurse, because gawh it looked like he was in horrible pain. I can’t believe how rude he is.” I said as I put my things together.

“That sounds awful. I hope he’s alright.” she said.

“I need to stop thinking about him.” I continued as we walked down the hall.

“What do you mean?” asked Sue and she gave me a confused look. I showed her my history “notes” and she giggled. “I’ll let you copy mine.”

The End

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