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“Well, just their names, and that four of them are Mrs. Peters’ kids. But it’s weird though, because those other two sit with them too like they know them. They might be family.” Dale said, furrowing his brow and looking up speculatively.

“Names, please.” I said insistently and he gave me a look.

“Well there’s Mira Peters,” he started.

“The hot one.” Chase cut in and we both shot him a look before I looked back at Dale.

“Yeah, she did our demonstration with Alister.” I said, remembering her gorgeous face and his stunningly serious one.

“Yeah, his last name’s Montague, though, and his sister’s name is Aubrey. She’s the one with long auburn hair. Hmm…” he thought a moment and then added, “I don’t know the others. None of the rest of them were in my classes, except for Vincent Peters in Bio. He’s the big one.”

He shrugged apologetically and I said, “Well, I know one of them is Ivan. Is he a Peters?”

“Yeah!” Dale said suddenly, as if he just remembered. “He’s a Peters. Him and his brother were in my Math class. And they’re twins.” he said, like he knew that would impress me.

“Who?” I asked.

“Ivan and the one with the hat.” he said and I had to strongly resist the urge to gasp. This was the one I’d been waiting for. “Yeah, that one’s seriously scary.”

“How?” I asked, though I knew what he meant. The dancer was intimidating, and the way he acted with me was so confusing, like he wanted me but at the same time he didn’t. There was something different and mysterious about him.

“Well, he wears a hat right? Well school doesn’t allow hats, but even though our teacher kept looking at him like she wanted to tell him to take it off, she didn’t.” he said, acting like he was about to expose a conspiracy.

“Why not?” asked Chase.

“I don’t know.” Dale said mysteriously, “But it was like she’d been told to let him wear it. Why do that?”

I understood what he meant, but I also thought he was being kind of dramatic about it too. “What’s his name?” I said almost in exasperation. My heart rate increased, along with my breathing, and I felt like everything depended on Dale’s next words.

“Connelly.” he said. Suddenly the music cut off and we looked over at the stereo.

“Hey everyone! Thank you for coming, but the party’s over now.” Kati was standing by the stereo she had turned off and was waving to everybody.

“Oh man. Well this was fun. Thanks for inviting us Kota, even though it wasn’t your party.” said Chase.

“No problem. She’d never hear the end of it if she wouldn’t have let you two come.” I said, hugging him.

“See you later, Kota.” Dale said as he hugged me. I waved as they walked away, my face turning to exasperation when they were out of sight.

Sue, Kati, my parents, and I all cleaned up the mess from the party and then Sue and I retreated to my room. Sue’s parents did a lot of traveling for their job so they let her stay the night with me when they were gone. And you’d think that might get annoying after a while, but we always had fun. We were together so much anyway it didn’t matter.

So the dancer went to school here, I thought, and his name was Connelly. Dale had said he was the scary one, so should that mean that I should try to stay away from him? Why did he always hide his eyes from everyone? Why was I even thinking about him? He’s just a dancer. And a rude one at that. I stated to myself and sighed in anger.


“Hey Kota, you were just a second away from being late.” Lou, my manager, yelled from over the ovens Saturday night.

“Sorry Lou.” I said, walking past him through the door, through the non-smoking section, and to the front desk just as a couple of rugged looking guys walked in.

“How many?” Ray, the only male waiter in the whole place, asked the two guys.

“Two.” said the one in front. He was the tallest and had dark brown hair and matching eyes. He wore a gray shirt and jeans, both with dirt and sediment rubbed into their clothes.

“Smoking or Non-smoking?” asked Ray.

“Smoking.” said the one in back. He was shorter with brown hair and blue eyes, but wore the same attire as the one in front.

“I got this one, Ray.” I said as he started to go around the desk. He smiled and handed me the menus.

I knew these guys. The one in front’s name was Jack and the other one’s was Jason. They both worked with rocks all day at the rock mill that wasn’t far away. They always came over at least once or twice a week and I was always their waitress, so you could say we were acquainted with each other.

“This way please.” I said and the guys followed me to a table in the back right corner of the Smoking area.

“So, how’ve you been, Kota?” Jack asked as he and Jason sat opposite each other and picked up their menus.

“Good. How about you guys? I was getting worried that you wouldn’t be coming this week. Drinks for you?” I said, my pen and notepad ready.

“Well I’m sorry if I scared you.” said Jack, winking at me and flashing a grin.

“Don’t worry, we have a defibrillator in the back.” I smiled back and they laughed.

“Drinks boys?” I reminded them.

“Oh yeah — I’ll just have a sweet tea.” said Jack.

“Me too.” Jason agreed.

“I’ll be right back.” I smiled. I left the room and went into the Non-smoking section over to a small bar that held everything concerning drinks. I made their drinks and then went back to them.

“Thank you.” Jason smiled at me.

“Know what you want?” I asked.

“Yeah, I’d like a steak well done with a baked potato please.” said Jack.

“I’d like chicken fried steak with gravy and potatoes.” Jason said and grinned.

“Small or large?” I asked and they gave me a look.

I smiled and said, “Sorry, it’s my job.” They nodded and I went back to the kitchen.

“Order Lou.” I said. I ripped off the paper with the order on it and stuck it up with the others for Lou to see.

“Order Lou.” said Sue as she came in the door just as I was headed out. We smiled at each other as we passed.

After that, the place filled up pretty fast and we were rushing everywhere. There were only three waitresses, them being me, Sue, and a sweet college girl named Suzy and only one waiter, that being Ray, and we had thirty tables that were now almost all full.

“Thirty’s ready.” called Lou as he put the last plate among the ones for thirty.

“Okay.” I breathed. I grabbed a large tray, which I set the plates on, a stand for the tray, and went out the door to a table beside Jack and Jason.

“Hey Kota?” Jack said, turning around to me as I served my customers.

“Yeah, Jack?” I said.

“What are you doing tonight?” he asked.

“I’m busy tonight. Besides, I’m sixteen and you’re twenty. Not good Jack.” I smiled as I picked up the tray and stand, walking over to their table. Jack asked me out almost every time he came here, and even though he was hot as an inferno, I had to turn him down because of his age. Jason was eighteen, but he wasn’t really my type and he never asked me out.

“No, I’m twenty. He’s eighteen.” Jason corrected me. I looked at him for a minute, and then at Jack.

“You’re eighteen?” I asked, pointing to Jack.

“Yep, graduated Brookstock high just last year.” Jack smiled at my mistake.

“Oh, I’m sorry Jack. I guess I just mixed you’re ages up.” I apologized. Great, I thought, now I missed all those chances to go out with him. I am such an idiot!

“It’s okay. . . . . Are you still busy tonight?” Jack asked again.

“Yes, I am. I’m sorry.” I said as he looked down momentarily.

“It’s okay.” he said and they stood to leave.

“I’ll see you next time Kota.” he said. They both gave me a hug and then left as I ran back to the kitchen.

The End

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